the allegory of the cave platos republic

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The videos linked on this page are well worth taking a look at as there is the greatest likelihood that chlorine dioxide solution (at the appropriate therapeutic dose) is just as useful for CV.

This is also a quote from the same post:

Btw, you will note that Trump has been blasted for recommending/promoting (and taking himself) hydroxychloroquine (HCQ), UV light therapy and 'swallowing bleach' - as treatments for CV. I see this as a means by which tptb have kept to their (potentially required) undertaking of clearly stating (via the somewhat ludicrous scripted character of Trump) what the 'antidotes' to CV are - all be them disclosed under cover of mockery by the mainstream press - unfortunately. There is bountiful evidence available from doctors actually utilizing HCQ for CV, that if it is given early on CV onset, together with zinc and azithromycin (or alternatively doxycycline) that it is extremely effective (with HCQ needing to be taken for only approx 2-3 days). However in contrast, most of the studies recently published, have dismissed HCQ as a useful treatment for CV - though have typically been looking at late stage patients (often on ventilators) and also without zinc and/or an antibiotic also being prescribed. You can find an interesting discussion about HCQ including by many actually utilizing it here. Turning to Trump's mention of UV therapy - yes for sure blood irradiation with UV light (or similarly purifying blood with ozone gas) are both fantastic therapies though generally only available to the very wealthy. And lastly, Trump's mention of swallowing bleach - this is for sure a reference to MMS (as above). Humble's church has actually been nicknamed 'The Church of Bleach', meant in a derogatory way, albeit somewhat amusing imo.