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Gorilla doing a selfie

Admittedly, this is one of the less strong posts on the site, and can be considered rather speculative indeed.

On one level this potential insight will seem both absurd, irrelevant and at best, likely trivial. However it is a 'route' in to a whole level of the matrix to do with what are likely 'fictional' animals. Plus, especially with gorillas, the reason for their (possible) fictional matrix construction is profound.

You will likely either just see this one straight away, or you might have to ponder it for a while... Or I guess, you might just dismiss straight out! There's not so much which can be said in terms of deconstructing the illusion.

However, one has to consider that to pose (and 'look') in such a way (i'e' a conscious presentation of one's best side/look 'into' the lens of a camera), the subject being photographed has to actually be aware what a camera is, and that the camera produces a still 'image in time' of what is in front of it. This conceptual level of abstraction is not something gorilla's are known to possess/understand, as far as I was aware! Plus with a selfie we are not even referring to the typical pet photo, where the person taking the image is behind the camera, calling the name of the pet so as to try and get them to turn towards the camera (and maybe with a food treat as a reward for good behavior). But even in this context, the pet can never grasp that they are having their image taken, imo - or what a camera is.

So with the photo to the right, the 'zookeeper' is holding a phone out in front of him with a front facing camera on it - and this huge (dangerous) gorilla/wild animal, supposedly possesses the conscious insight/nouse to pull a fancy 'tilting pose' (head-to-head) photo-face, because of comprehending that the device being held out in front is going to capture the image of the two of them together! Am sorry, I just can't believe that. Where is the study evidence to support such a notion?

Plus, especially with the image below, to my eyes, they just totally look like guys standing in gorilla suits - and wishing there were pockets in the suits to stick their hands in!!! And they're not very high quality gorilla suits either. They look to have seen better days.

The backstory given is as follows:

A park ranger who took a hilarious selfie with two gorillas has revealed how he captured the magical moment.

Mathieu Shamavu said he had been checking his phone at the Virunga Park in eastern Congo when he noticed the two female orphaned gorillas Ndakazi and Ndeze mimicking his movements.

He then took a picture with the animals who looked as if they were posing for the camera. Shamavu then posted the photo on social media, where it quickly went viral.(link)


gorilla 2


The reason for such a gorilla fiction is likely to do with bolstering support for the evolutionary point of view, as opposed to each species being the specific creation of the source (not to say however, that evolutionary adaption at some level isn't a process - but it is likely quite limited). The fiction of a gorilla just makes it seem more possible that humans have developed (via evolutionary adaption/'mistakes') from monkeys. As a conception for original origin, human beings are diminished in many ways as a result of just being a further development of monkeys (because of there being such a close affinity) - compared with being a specific and very distinct species created by the source/intelligence/great spirit.

Also, being able to convince people into taking a pure evolutionary world view, typically also means that the person will likely accept the idea that extraordinarily sophisticated life forms all existing together in an immensely profound web of life (i.e. Nature) is all a result of chance and randomness.

I have to give credit to Hans Wormhat for this insight, though this in no way means I concur with all of his other hypotheses.