the allegory of the cave platos republic

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As well as the embed below, an archived version of the video can be watched/downloaded at this location here. [Note that the download button is often hidden underneath the cookie consent banner.]

This really is a very interesting and thought provoking analysis of the classic film They Live, which is well worth taking a listen too. If you're not familiar with the movie, They Live is a similar 'genre' to The Matrix trilogy - and likewise can be interpreted on multiple levels, thus providing potential insights into several aspects of the matrix which we exist within. The film They Live itself is definitely worth a watch and can be found on Amazon Prime here.


[Extra note about the author/narrator of the video: Mickoski is very eloquent and intelligent, however though I am pleased to share this particular piece of work of his, I should like to mention that I do not concur with his overall perspective on reality, which according to Mickoski, is all just a dream and that therefore, so-called 'enlightenment' can only be found in the void/state of nothingness - beyond the existence of the self (i.e. after the personal self has died). I consider this level of teaching to be equivalent to the earlier Buddhist teachings, rather than later ones which instead emphasize that 'enlightenment' is only to be found right here in the melee of this material world and desire, etc. Further, again in line with the later Buddhist teachings, I don't accept that this material reality is just a 'dream', rather I consider it as real as anything can get, and no less real because of duality existing for almost any given phenomena.]