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gordon james gianninoto imageTo all the souls lost at sea - may you rest in peace.

Image to the right, the late Gordon James Gianninoto, the individual who relates this great story in such a thrilling and detailed manner.

This is an absolutely amazing and unmissable talk on the real facts behind the Titanic's sinking. I always feel the story of the Titanic is as epic as the story of the Trojan Horse during the Battle of Troy - and was actually just as impacting for world civilization as the fall of Troy (as told in the Iliad).

The breakdown layer by layer of what really happened is incredibly revealing about how the Matrix functions, in terms of the sheer depth and detail which its masters go to create a multilayered narrative with multiple fallback positions (i.e. fallback 'containers' for those who manage to 'see' past each layer of the story). One has to bear in mind when listening to this talk imo, that even things like the 'accidental' collision between the Royal Navy vessel and the Olympus were almost certainly completely scripted and staged - so as to provide one particular major fallback layer (which actually wasn't needed in the end on a public level) as well as (presumably) to weaken the Olympic so as to ensure it could be sunk on cue.

However imo, the final two layers of the story are missing from this account, which are:

  • The whole project was almost certainly run so as to dispose of particular bankers opposed to the passing of the Federal Reserve Act 1913 in the US. It was this Act which laid the groundwork for a global economy based on the US dollar as the reserve currency i.e. it was a world-changing piece of legislation with enormous implications for the US and western world in particular. Plus for the banking families involved it was maybe the biggest 'earner' ever setup in mankind's history.
  • The Titanic was purposefully sunk, probably by explosives at the time of hitting the ice berg (if the damage from the ice berg collision wasn't sufficient) so as to ensure the 'overplating' from the ship's earlier repairs were 'ripped off'. As above, the earlier (staged/purposefully organized) collision of the RN Vessel with the Olympic was to sufficiently weaken the ship so as to make her 'ready' for some action (i.e. hitting an ice berg or explosive-charge damage) which would guarantee her sinking. The damaged beyond repair Olympic was then swapped with the original (still in tact) Titanic and the names were swapped over on each. Note that the fire in the coal bunker could also have been used to cover for the explosion, if it had been required.
  • However, the point is that the plan to sink the Titanic as part of insurance fraud - including the 'rescue ship' being put into place (and probably the seal hunters too) was to provide a second level story explanation for if the top level story of the Titanic sinking because of hitting an ice berg failed to convince and fell through.
  • There were in fact three levels of story/reality happening at the same time - with the aim to keep the knowing of the public at the top level, (1) The Titanic hit an ice berg and sank, (2) The story and reality of the insurance fraud related sinking, (3) To murder certain bankers under the cover of the accidental sinking of the Titanic.
  • Because of the need to ensure the certain death of particular bankers, there's even a possibility that the nearby rescue ship 'contained' agents who would later become/play being the survivors - and that everyone on the Titanic drowned/died. Otherwise there would have had to have been a backup plan to deal with any bankers who were to be assassinated but who survived.

All the details Gianninoto relates about the strikes and coal shortages etc, should all be seen as part of an extremely high level plot to murder the bankers in question - as in such details were required to pull the whole thing off (and even ensure that the right people were on the boat because of needing to get to the US so urgently). The privately owned federal reserve has been the money behind the 19th and 20th century western empire - and has issued thousands of trillions of dollars, each of which the banking families receive interest payments for on a continual basis. Thus with so much at stake, it can only be imagined how great and deep the conspiracy was. Hence the need for three levels of the story. Though Gianninoto briefly mentions the bankers, he's mainly explaining level 2 to us and doesn't clearly state that the purpose of the whole operation went beyond insurance fraud to assassinate particular bankers.

Even details such as JP Morgan's bronze statues should be considered as part of planned strategy to lay a foundation of an alibi for Morgan claiming he wasn't aware of the plot and to make it look as if he only just escaped being a victim himself. However it's obviously significant that the bankers assassinated were his competitors and that most likely the Morgan family is one of those families who benefit from the federal reserve. 

As you listen to the depth and details so wonderfully and eruditely explained by Gordon James Gianninoto, consider the sheer depth and detail and layering of the project. A depth and layering which few seem to be really able to comprehend, even when it is explained to them. This is how the Matrix is able to so convincingly present 'itself' as reality.



NOTE: If required, you can play the talk direct from this server by clicking here or download here (with right click/save as).


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