the allegory of the cave platos republic

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Open Range is one hell of a film. Incredible scenery, stunning cinematography, an amazing story line which touches the heart, by turns, with joy, tragedy and courage. Plus fantastic acting from Costner & Duvall. Goodness shines brightly as the respect-garnering hardy and masculine characters played by Costner & Duvall find what it takes to deal with the injustice brutality perpetuated upon them and their fellow free grazing herders. Open Range is the first movie I have seen in almost 2 months (the first time I have sat and watched anything in fact) and it was such a treat. I felt reinvigorated afterwards, like it was a story good for my soul - as the best stories often are. Fundementally, Open Range is an ode to true/real masculinity in the best of ways - in that it depicts how the courage and willingness to face the risk of losing one's life, for the sake of upholding what is right. A quality which captures the heart of the feminine, played so perfectly by Annette Bening - and so beautifully too, as she blossoms in her love and desire for Costner's character (and finds her own great common-sense type of courage too). Just a superb film and feels so relevant to the current time.



If need be you will be able to find the full film on youtube (for instance see below embed), though the full high res version is highly recommended, because of the beautiful scenery and cinematography.