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how to make mms cdh cds clo2 chlorine dioxide solution simple instructionsNote: All the files (videos, PDFs, image, etc) referenced in this post can be found in this directory here.

Reports about the treatment of coronavirus with chlorine dioxide solution by medical doctors are linked at the end of this post!

Some exciting and useful information has become available regarding the method for the inhalation of nebulized chlorine dioxide solution (CLO2 solution) - given its potential value in respect of the present 'viral' issues the earth's population is needing to progress through.

If you haven't already seen the CLO2 for treatment of malaria study video, you might begin with that (given the trial/video provides quality evidence as to the usefulness of CLO2 for malaria, and by 'extrapolation', potentially also for other type issues presenting at the current time. You can find the malaria study/trial videos linked and discussed in this post here.

Next, the watching of this short video is recommended, because it explains what you might want to learn about nebulizing chlorine dioxide/CLO2 solution safely.

If you then wish to learn how to make the chlorine dioxide/CLO2 solution (usually termed CDS or CDH) you can consult the resources in the table below. They will help you appreciate more what you need to purchase to both make the CDS/CDH solution and well as how to prepare/dilute the chlorine dioxide solution for the nebulizer. The total combined cost of all these items in western countries is approx $20. Ebay is a good place to start.

The two core chemical 'ingredients' which are required are: 25% sodium chlorite solution and 4% hydrochloric acid solution. Equal amounts of each are required and both typically come in 30 ml bottles and usually with a dropper type top/insert (though a 2.5 - 5 ml syringe will also prove useful for making up the full solution for nebulizing). If need be, 35 - 50% citric acid solution can be utilized in place of the 4% hydrochloric acid (though 4% hydrochloric acid is preferred if it can be sourced). The two 'core' ingredients/chemicals are typically mixed 1:1 and then diluted with water, after they have reacted for a while (30 seconds). Going back to the above malaria study video (linked here)  the mixture/solution being given to patients is stated as follows:

According to Leo Koehof, the protocol he taught the staff to use (for an adult) was to put 18 drops of sodium chlorite in a dry cup; add 18 drops of citric acid (35% in water); wait 30 second for the chemical reaction to complete/stabilize (turn yellowish brown/amber); add water until the cup is ½ full; and then have the malaria patient drink the water solution immediately. [However to note] even if a person only consumed sodium chlorite plus water without adding any activating acid, the natural hydrochloric acid in the stomach would produce the chemical reaction that generates chlorine dioxide. (source)

You will also need some distilled or purified water, though still bottled water can be utilized if need be. 1 liter will be sufficient to begin with.

Here are various instructions for making up some CDS/CDH (i.e. chlorine dioxide/CLO2 solution). Typically you might make approx 240 ml of solution. Then later when ready to nebulize, you will yet again dilute 1 ml of this CDS/CDH solution, with another 100 ml of distilled/purified water (or bottled water), i.e. a further 1:100 dilution with water (CDS solution:water respectively)

 Simplest CDH instructions (to make 240 ml solution)  Minimal text Link
 Bit more involved but a solution of CDS w/clear instructions by video  Video Link
 In-depth details on several methods of making CDS & CDH solution  11 page PDF Link


It all might sound rather complex in the beginning, but actually, after the first time it is very straightforward.

In essence it is possible to make three 'types' of therapeutic CLO2 solution - each which can be utilized in a different way. And in a way, each builds on the previous 'mix'.

  1. Mixing a specified number of drops of 25% sodium chlorite solution and 4% hydrochloric acid solution in a 1:1 ratio (18 drops of each, in the malaria study, for an adult). After a short time of the liquids reacting with each other (30 seconds), they can then be mixed with a small amount of water (e.g. half a cup) and drunk direct, as shown in the malaria study video. Sometimes this process might be repeated a few times a day for several days in a row, though in the malaria study for most patients, it was just a one time dose. The term commonly used to describe this particular formulation (of the drops) is MMS.
  2. Secondly, to make a larger amount of CDS or CDH solution (e.g. 240 ml), larger amounts of 25% sodium chlorite solution, 4% hydrochloric acid solution and water are reacted together (in slightly different ways whether CDH or CDS), though typically in a ratio of 1:1:22 respectively and left to 'brew' in a closed non-metallic bottle (with only a small air space) for a required amount of time. [So for example, 10 ml x 25% sodium chlorite solution + 10 ml x 4% hydrochloric acid solution + 220 ml water.] Specifically, the gas produced by the reaction of the substances takes time to be absorbed into the water (approx 12-24 hours). This CDS solution (second row in table above) is generally reported as being more palatable than the CDH mixture (top row of table above), and so can be easier and more convenient to take in small amounts as required (though both are roughly of the same concentration chlorine dioxide). The initial reaction for 12 hours should be at room temperature, but subsequently is best if kept cool in a fridge and wrapped in tin foil (as CLO2 solution degrades under light).
  3. Thirdly, to create a more dilute CLO2 solution appropriate for nebulizing and inhaling, 1 ml of the solution produced in (2) above, is mixed with 100 ml distilled/purified or bottled water. Then approx 5-10 ml of the dilute CLO2 solution produced in (3) can be put into a nebulizer and inhaled if so desired.

Recent info/video/reports related to coronavirus and treatment with CLO2 solution/CDS/CDH

  1. NIH (US) clinical trial paperwork can be found here:
  2. A written report/article about the trial (treatment of coronavirus with chlorine dioxide solution) can be read here
  3. Video report about trial (treatment of coronavirus with chlorine dioxide solution) in Equador can be seen here