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Update 10th Feb 2023: Added new comparative image and additional insights (at the bottom of the article here) gleaned from viewing the Adi Da film biography, Conscious Light - The Divine Life And Revelation Of His Divine Presence Avatar Adi Da Samraj. 


Gerald Celente played Avatar Adi Da!!!

Gerald Celente/Avatar Adi Da's disguise is quite brilliant, however if you look carefully you will see that Avatar Adi Da was in fact played by Gerald Celente. 

The secret to 'seeing' ABR actors is to look past the ABR characters external appearance (which they disguise with a variety of techniques and technologies), so as to sense the person/psyche 'behind the face and eyes'. You have to 'feel it' with your heart, body and intuition - rather than try to 'see' intellectually (though consciously comparing facial dimensions, features and landmarks, etc is vital too).

The image below is of Adi Da. Cover the long hair with your thumbs (leaving the ears visible) and you will see Gerald Celente!


adi da 5


In many respects, the image above is one of the easiest in which to see Gerald Celente in the face of Adi Da. Maybe because the image is just restricted to the face rather than also including the full forehead dome? Celente often wears a broad smile which Adi Da tends not too. 


adi da 6


One feature which both characters share and which is extremely distinctive is a quite pronounced 'oval' shaped philtrum (the dip on the top lip). Compare the next four images in this respect, particularly the image of Adi Da when much younger.




adi da oval shaped philtrum


Also in the side profile image above, note the distinctive long unattached ear lobe - which is an unusual feature as far as earlobes go. Remember for when you examine both the images and video below!


adi da samraj


Adi Da and Celente have the same slightly lazy left eye (compare the two above and below images). Also note how the outside corner creases of Adi Da and Celente's eyes, are 'pulled down'.

The very distinctive oval philtrum on Gerald Celente is also very clear on the below image - and also visible on the three images of Adi Da above if you look closely.

Between the characters, compare the distances between the eyes (pupillary distance), the distance between eyes and mouth, the length of the nose, the height of the top lip and the relative dimensions of the full top lip (from base of nose) to the distance of mouth to chin. As well, check out the height of the forehead and how the face from the eyes down is positioned relative to the full height of the forehead.

These are all very individual and unique biometric measurements, but you will note they are all near identical between Celente and Adi Da. For a male, both Adi Da and Celente have quite 'compressed' facial features.

The position of the ears match too, the bottom of the (uniquely shaped/long) ear lobes align with the mouth in both characters (see the 'my bright form' poster above to compare).

Note too, Celente's trademark neck scarf - a clothing item Adi Da is likewise seldom 'seen without' (check both the above and below pics).


gerald celente


gerald for shadow

Gerald Celente left, Adi Da right.


Celente uses very subtle latex overlay prosthetics on the sides of his forehead/temple area, so as to square out his forehead a bit (and thus change how his appearance is unconsciously perceived). These can be clearly seen in this image (opens in popup). Celente seemingly wears a hair piece too or has had hair transplant surgery.

For readers who are not familiar with Gerald Celente please see the embedded video below (will start at the right point). [Btw, as an aside, I clock the interviewer in the video below, the chariasmatic Daniela Cambone as the same actress who plays the popstar Ellie Goulding - see here and here for popup images of Ellie Goulding and note what an almost perfect match they are for Daniela Cambone. Among other matching features, both have a distinctively long face for a female. Birds of a feather flock together, as the saying goes.]



Dallasgoldbug's original ABR ID image below considers another feature between the two characters.


dallas celente adi da


A RELATED NOTE: THE GURU DRUG: I've been studying gurus such as Adi Da and Mooji for a while, in terms of listening to what they explain - so as to both grasp their insights and where they're coming from in their person. Oftentimes their insights are quite thought provoking, though they tend to be non-duality and/or gnostic based (i.e. with non-dual, that nothing except the ultimate reality beyond material existence has any real true reality and for gnostic, that life at least in this existence, due to the food chain and all living beings existential situation/outlook, is dark/evil). To be candid, though on one level of reality they are likely true, I find non-duality perspectives quite nihilistic and not at all supportive of engendering a passion in individuals to standup and fight for living beings' rights.

I've come to speculate such gurus have access to what I hypothesize and term is 'the guru drug'. This drug is likely an extremely tightly controlled ayahuasca/5-MeO-DMT type drug, but which can be taken when in (normal) social situations without others noticing and becoming suspicious (i.e. the guru remains fairly normal and 'rational'/coherent, despite being under the drugs influence and on a trip). However, when under the influence, the drug seemingly allows realtime access to profound and clear non-dual and/or other type existential insights. This is how most gurus are able to appear enlightened to their followers - and in many senses, they are sharing valuable and real insights. Just that the insights are a result of the drug trip they're on and not the result of enlightenment as the guru's followers prefer/like/need to believe.

The case of Adi Da and Celente is particularly valuable in this respect, because, (1) we can definitively ascertain it's the same person/actor playing both characters, (2) Celente doesn't have any sense of being an enlightened guru about him whatsoever (not even if he tried to pretend/act), whereas (3) at least on some occasions, Adi Da does seem to have realtime access to some thought provoking and insightful non-dual and/or gnostic type insights, which don't seem to be acted and/or scripted (but rather are genuine congruent sustained stream-of-consciousness insights being experienced and felt in the moment). Therefore, (4) it's reasonable to hypothesize that Adi Da (and Mooji too) have access to 'the guru drug' - and that it is such a drug which was able to turn Celente into a guru!

I find what Adi Da explains in the vid below, particularly his opening statements, to be spot on (i.e. the common denial as regards 'nature being a death machine'). But what's so intriguing is (as above) how when the Adi Da character was killed off, the actor became the gloom and doom merchant Celente. Thus it can be speculated that when Adi Da was 'killed off' (maybe because the actor had enough of living as Adi Da), access was also lost to the controlled 'guru drug' and what is left is Gerald Celente!

PLEASE DO CHECK OUT THE TRAILER TO AVATAR ADI DA'S MOVIE ABOUT HIS LIFE HERE! Many reading this post will know Celente well - thus through Avatar Adi Da's movie, aside from the spiritual insights Adi Da shares - we can maybe catch a glimpse how the predator class create gurus and religion (albeit on a far smaller scale than Christianity and Islam). The full movie titled, Conscious Light - The Divine Life And Revelation Of His Divine Presence Avatar Adi Da Samraj  can be viewed for free here.




I recommend checking out further Adi Da 'satsangs' on YouTube and the site which his followers run in remembrance of him. If only they knew! Avatar Adi Da is actually way better than Mooji imo. [For ref I am planning a future post on Mooji's past - as it raises a few red flags of interest in terms of indicating who might gain access to 'the guru drug'.]

 I originally came across this ABR ID here (though it is based on dallasgoldbug's original ABR identification). The post author xdisciple writes:

Whoa!  How great an actor is this Celente (if that’s his real name). He disguises his voice really well, but the signature slurring and the spacing between words and vocal gestures are unmistakable. See for yourself.

I agree with the sentiment - just incredible skill on the actors behalf.

If I'm ever in the part of the world where Adi Da's retreat is - I will certainly pay a visit - though as above Adi Da's character was 'killed off' a few years back.




Adi Da wiki page:

Gerald Celente wiki page:

A criticism of Avatar Adi Da titled, Adi Da and His Voracious, Abusive Personality Cult.


Extra: Insights gleaned from viewing the Adi Da film biography, Conscious Light - The Divine Life And Revelation Of His Divine Presence Avatar Adi Da Samraj

There was a moment during the film where Adi Da's head and face was positioned in a similar way to one of the best images of Gerald Celente. Thus I was able to make up the comparison pic below. Note the Gerald Celente image is a professional portrait image and so will have been taken at least 2-3+ meters away and with a telescopic lens (and thus more accurate representation of face shape and dimensions), whereas the Adi Da image on the right was taken closeup with a wider angle lens - and from a lower position relative to the eyes/nose - and so has some facial distortion to it.


gerald for shadow

Gerald Celente left, Adi Da right.


The face surgeons did a significant and very decent 'fix up job' on Adi Da so as to transform him into Gerald Celente. Procedures I count are, chin bone reduction, ear pinning, face lift, upper and lower blepharoplasty, maybe some forehead work (removing slight brow bossing), a touch of cheek lipofilling and possibly a slight lowering of the alar (sides of nostrils). Plus post-surgery, laser skin-resurfacing. Above I presumed Celente was wearing a hairpiece, but it might be some of his head hair was recreated from a transplant of remaining scalp or even other body hair.

What I understood from the documentary film was that Adi Da went very hardcore on 'the guru drug'. It appeared things got off to a good start in his younger days, but that over a period of years 'the guru drug' led to Adi Da essentially becoming more and more isolated relative to his followers (as he came to identify more and more with the 'one' under the influence of the guru drug) - given no-one else around him was having quite the same drug based experience and insights. It could be speculated that Adi Da gave his all in terms of what might be realized via 'the guru drug' - but also that he became an addict. Some scenes in the film documentary give the impression that he became almost psychotic and/or detached from everyday reality as a result of overuse - see the image below.


adi da gone super intense

 Adi Da suffering a severe 'come down' after several months tripping on 'the guru drug'?


Of course it should be noted that a guru claiming natural self-realization and that their followers can achieve the same - while all the time being under the influence of a guru drug, is massively deceptive and a form of gaslighting. The point being that if the guru didn't have access to the guru drug, then their ability to realize non-duality insights would be no different to their followers. It's that the guru drug is kept secret which is the issue.

Though naturally, such was put down to extreme meditation and fasting!

Despite Adi Da becoming more and more isolated and detached, it was clear overall he was committed to teaching and sharing as much as he could with his followers (albeit it sounded like he became very domineering and dictatorial at times, and maybe even a dangerous bully). However he was never able to breach the divide between him and his followers (given they didn't have the direct benefit of the 'guru drug' and thus were always hearing things 'second hand'. Adi Da stated himself that (as a sacrifice) he was suffering his followers at times.

It was surprising how quickly Adi Da aged - presumably due to 'the guru drug'. And also, his mind seemed to become quite despondent at the realizations he was having - i.e. that we are all doomed from the outset, whatever we do. As above, I mentioned how non-dual insights are nihilistic in nature. It's probably for good reason that human beings tend not to have such insights as a part of everyday life. To feel that nothing except consciousness is real and that therefore all of materially manifest life is vane, unreal and ultimately therefore meaningless - isn't so good for the soul! 

In his final years as Adi Da, it seems the actor turned his attention to creating art - and at least as far as my aesthetic tastes go, even though modern art seldom appeals to me, some of Adi Da's works are imo original, vibrant and pleasing to the heart and mind to look into. Though they do have something of a psychedelic type feel to them - which isn't officially accounted for (i.e. presumably it was 'the guru drugs' influence again!).


adi da art





After watching the documentary film, I can understand now why Adi Da 'got out'. And too, the character of Gerald Celente is explained more. Though the insights provided by 'the guru drug' were obviously profound and extremely life-enhancing in the beginning for both Adi Da and his followers - as is said, there's no such thing as a free lunch. There was seemingly little spontaneous joy left for Adi Da at the end, despite his seeming affection for his followers.

Adi Da is listed as dying on November 27, 2008. 

It's intriguing therefore that so much happened for Celente in 2009. As illustrated by Celente's 'talk page' on wiki, 2009 is when Celente really took off as a known public character. 

Below is the trailer to Conscious Light: A Documentary Film on the Life & Work of Adi Da Samraj.