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View of speedboat wakeThis is very interesting and thought provoking video footage to view - (you can find the video below after the comments). Is best to watch from the beginning so that you can get more of a sense of what begins at approx 2:36 mins. At 2:50 it is as if some 'medium' is broken through with the rocket maybe having passed to the other side of the 'medium'.

At 3:01, the rocket possibly reenters either the same 'medium' or alternatively, a paralell one further back - and this time, it is really like the rocket is skimming/planing/churning across or through a 'fluid' type medium rather like the wake left behind a speed boat as it plans across water at high speed.

By 3:27 something else has happened, and it is like something has been ejected from the rocket and what was ejected is either 'burning up/out' and/or spinning at high speed in the medium, producing 'rings' of bright light. More detail on what these might be below.

This stage of the rocket launch is now producing a visual effect only recently seen in the last few years. The type effect is more clearly shown after another SpaceX launch in the image below. Whatever it is and is being caused by, it is not a phenomenon seen during decades of previous rocket launches.

The suggestion being put forth here is that what we are seeing is the equivalent of a speedboats wake as the rocket is either skimming across the 'waters above' - which are most likely held in place by an electromagnetic dome (commonly referred to as the firmament). Because we have not seen such a phenomenon in previous decades, if these speculations are even partly correct, we can presume these are the first times the firmament has been 'entered' and/or broken through. If so, it finally puts paid to the question as to whether man ever went to the moon (as if that is even still in contention) - at least in terms of the images and technology the general public was shown.

In this video the rocket appears to make it through part of the firmament though it is not clear if it makes it all the way through (and/or if such a thing is even possible due to the structure of it). As in it might be that the waters above are extremely deep. There are several other comparable videos which show rocket from other launches exploding after being in contact with the firmament for a short while.

Image Credit & Copyright: Craig Bobchin Plume Over CaliformiaImage Credit & Copyright: Craig Bobchin

The actual design of the SpaceX (and comparable Russian ones) is interesting too, compared to previous rocket designs - and again has only appeared quite recently.

spaceX rocket and trajectoryspaceX rocket and trajectory

Though the 3D (exploded) model shown here indicates the top 'unit'/stage of the rocket is for carrying a payload, others (such as Brian Lambert) have suggested this is actually a self-contained final stage rocket which is used to finally pierce the firmament. Maybe this stage is being fired at approx 3:20 and that the rings of light we are seeing is the main stage burning up after having been ejected and left behind.

Note too how in all the images and video, how the rocket is traveling in an ark after it (potentially) starts skimming across the waters, just as would be expected if indeed there is a firmament above the earth. Another thing to note is that it has been estimated the firmament is only approx 70 miles up at the highest point, which kind of seems to fit with what we are seeing. As in we can guesstimate that the SpaceX rocket isn't traveling a 1000 miles vertically upwards. And it only takes approx 2:30 min before it appears to come into contact with some different medium to 'air'. Also, the wake being left behind the rocket seems too 'viscous' imo to be just smoke or water vapor.

What we are able to observe in this footage is certainly extremely intriguing and great food for thought! Please do leave a comment below to say what you make of it, either way :P