the allegory of the cave platos republic

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Given at the UN in 2007 by Rosalind Peterson, this is possibly one of the most accurate and well reasoned presentations on the issue of persistent contrails and related atmospheric/weather experiments and projects.

)It seems to me that it might be, the newer 'fan by-pass' jet engines may leave persistent contrails just as part of their technology (i.e. rather than needing particular additives having to be added to jet fuel). But this is still completely unacceptable given the end result of blue skies being turned completely white. Imo it is likely that persistent contrails are a result of both 'fan by-pass' jet engine technology AND fuel additives (i.e. for the metal component of the trails so as to make them suitable for electromagnetic control).

The manipulation of weather has become a highly significant aspect of the matrix control structure. From either supporting or ruining crop growing seasons to the 'creation' of mega storms and hurricanes able to decimate whole areas of inhabited land. Yet all the while, the populace are being led to consider such 'unusual' and exceptional weather as being due to 'global warming' or 'climate change'. Well, of course it is, but the fundamental reasons for such climate change is missed out of the reporting.