the allegory of the cave platos republic

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This is a video of various segments from the 2012 Olympic opening ceremony in London. At the time, it felt pretty odd for an opening ceremony to feature such a dark and bizarre theme. It was like the NHS was suddenly rolled out as an institution the natives were suddenly expected to be intensely and incredibly proud of, even willing to die for! As if no other country had anything even approaching its brilliance. Before that point, I would think most just considered it a monstrous 'blood sucking' bureaucracy (financially speaking of course).

However looking at the footage now, it is quite remarkable how seemingly CV19 focused it appears to have been. This video does a pretty decent job of highlighting significant aspects of the predictive programming employed.

However, if you find such things a touch difficult, you will need to deal with the few 'religious' type comments overlaid on top of this vid. Imo, is not uncommon for Intel to release insights overlaid with somewhat zealous religious connotations, because it then forms a sort of plausible deniability (as in, can be said the info was put together/released by a zealot or a crazy and so is therefore best ignored or at best, untrustworthy).

Some of the highlights you will see are:

0:01, 100s of made up beds in a large stadium type area (just like the new Nightingale Hospitals across the UK).

1:49, English 'commoners' waving and clapping the nurses/medics from the 'shires', just like on every Thursday night now.

2:23, Just to note that in England, we might say GOSH, to mean 'Oh my god/word'! So really is quite appropriate as we look back at this footage!

2:25, Note that the CV19 3D virus image on top of the stadium is an overlay by the author of the video, to try and show how the design of the stadium sort of 'mimics' it.

2:39, To make their point, the video author has interlaid some of the 2020 dancing nurses vids which are being published to TikTok in large numbers.

5:51, The girl does look remarkably like Greta!

6:31, Notice the oriental looking girl which the camera dwells on, before the cart/wagon becomes front of stage.

7:00, WAS THAT MEANT TO BE BORIS!!!? What a coincidence that would be!

7:46, I read some comments pointing out the strange hand actions of the nurses here, as in each is pointing to the left wrist or hand - with a finger from their right hand.

9:06, Might be meant to be representing caged children, which would seem to be one of the scripting themes imo.

10:04, The Mary Poppins doesn't seem a good character. I read a comment suggesting she is meant to be 'witchy'. Maybe as the vid overlays, 'Nanny State' - where a person is granted a few good years - but then gets 'terminated' before their time? From cradle to grave (invisibly) handled by a 'Poppins'.

10:15, This is very weird imo. On the one hand we think we see a 'breathless' nurse from all her dancing. But is she really seething with a sort of hatred and vengence - and getting ready/looking forward to the kill. This footage transmitted was not live on the night as it can be seen in multiple scenes that the stadium seating is almost completely empty. So was probably filmed as lots of shorter takes. Therefore what is visible is almost certainly meant to be - and nothing is in the frame by accident.

10:18, Continuing right on from above, we see the child take a deep gulp while staring at the 'nurse' and retreat/withdraw into her bed covers.

11:28, That big baby is just so weird!

So all in all, a pretty messed up opening ceremony.



The YT video was deleted but an archive for download can be watched/downloaded here or alternatively here.