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Map of the Flat Earth as published in the New York journal, January 31, 1897 Map of the Flat Earth as published in the New York journal, January 31, 1897

Please also see this follow-on post which details irrefutable evidence re stationary earth, gained from personal skydiving/parachuting experience.

Empirically speaking, it is important to distinguish between the more commonly referenced concept of 'Flat Earth' (FE) and that of 'Stationary Earth' (SE). Proceeding empirically means only accepting things as fact when we can provide irrefutable proof/verification for it ourselves. For example, though I believe the earth is predominantly flat (given the surface of water almost certainly forms a flat surface when still, even over a wide expanse of water) I have never been part of a well thought-out experiment to definitively test the supposed curvature of the earth - and so even though I believe it is predominantly flat (albeit with moutains and hollows), I do not take it as a 'proven' fact. [Though to note, there appear to be several fairly well conducted experiments using lasers, telescopes and/or infrared cameras documented in youtube videos, which found that objects and landmarks supposed to be below the horizon (given the claimed curvature of the earth) were nevertheless visible. However, third party videos can be faked and/or experimental methodology can be sloppy - and thus are beyond being directly empirically verifiable by me.]

However when it comes to whether the earth is moving or stationary (rather than spherical or flat), there are numerous simple experiments which can be conducted by almost any individual in a matter of seconds. Therefore given the stationary/still nature of the earth is able to be supported by easy and straightforward experiments which almost any of us can (repeatedly) carry out in the next 5 minutes, it just carries more integrity if we stay with this aspect of things (i.e. stationary rather than flat) in terms of making definitive claims about such being true. The earth being stationary still breaks a huge claim by science as it also likely means much else which is claimed about space and the universe is suspect.

Without getting too much into details of experiments per se here, let us instead consider the 'reason' for the matrix concept of the moving globe earth. Albeit to say in passing, that jumping up in the air for approx a second, several times a day, each day for a week, during a time of no wind or breeze whatsoever, should be sufficient an experiment (design wise and of the highest scientific standard) to prove that the earth never moves a single millimeter (aside from during an earthquake, etc).

In contrast, though it would vary with latitude, and significant allowances would need to be made for the fluid dynamics of airflow (given its interaction with the moving surface of the ground), according to 'science', the earth at the equator moves close to 440 meters/second (i.e. approx 1000 miles per hour) relative to a perfectly still/fixed point above it. Thus there is obviously a very simple and easy to observe (huge) unexpected difference between the above 'jumping in the air' experiment's result and what the accepted scientific model predicts should be the result (i.e. no movement of the earth whatsoever in practice verses approx 440 meters movement according to mainstream science and accepted fact). I mean there would be no mistaking or misinterpreting the earth moving beneath our feet at 440 meters/second. In fact, there would be no mistaking the earth even moving beneath us at 1 centimeter per second (1 cm being approx 44,000 times less than the scientifically calculated expected amount) . But as you already know to be 100% true and correct (bar an earthquake or equivalent), the earth never moves a single millimeter beneath us in a second - or in an hour or even longer time period.

So what is the reason for the introduction into the matrix of the concept of the moving (globe) earth rather than just acknowledging that the earth is stationary. I would posit it is because the concept of the moving (globe) earth introduces a profound corruption of the most basic sense/s in a human being. Specifically, the simple, natural, basic, physical sense of whether we are moving (though space) or not - in motion or not so to speak. And once this most basic sense has been corrupted/broken in the mind - a lot more becomes possible, programming/brainwashing wise. The introduction of the moving (globe) earth therefore has been one of the most incredible and brilliant - and devious developments of the matrix. It is almost as if it is one of the fundamental building blocks of the matrix.

vortex in the woods by amadpainter (CC BY-NC-ND 3.0)"Reality is the vortex in your mind. The vortex is a real star system" - amadpaintervortex in the woods by amadpainter (CC BY-NC-ND 3.0)

It's difficult to grasp how impacting the introduction of the moving (globe) earth has been on human psychology and imagination - in addition to the basic sense corruption explained above. Because along with the moving globe earth concept, goes the whole idea of vast, infinite and limitless space (and time) - which we spin through on our 'tiny' planet. It makes a human being (even all life) seem almost insignificant and powerless. This is particularly fascinating to consider because in turn, it would seem to cause humans to project their own vast inner (personal) psychological realm - outwards - onto the the 'blank canvas' which the moving globe earth concept necessarily sets up. And so it therefore also likely leads to a form of alienation in that what is internal and personal to an individual's psyche is instead projected externally and thus becomes ever-beyond them - beyond their reach - infinite, impossible to grasp and/or understand (just a nothingness of space and time). Everything is on a scale beyond the comprehension of a million lifetimes, never mind the few short years allocated to a human being. And with respect to our life-giving sun - it is supposedly 91 million miles away - along with it being stated to be a constantly exploding nuclear cloud, 865,000 miles in diameter (albeit surprisingly/perfectly round in shape). Just for ref, these dimensions means the suns circumference is 2,717,478 miles (that's over two million miles!). Do you beleive that when you are looking at the sun, that the outside edge of the circle you are looking at is over two million miles round!!?

So much about our self stems from the moving globe earth concept. Yet it is actually quite a simple task to start again with the corruption fixed if one dares to consider the implications of the above 'jumping in the air' experiment. Especially given you already know 100% what the result of the experiment will be in advance.

As above, please also see this follow-on post which details irrefutable evidence re stationary earth, gained from personal skydiving/parachuting experience.


Image top right: Map of the Flat Earth as published in the New York journal, January 31, 1897. Originally sourced from the Library of Congress (Serial and Government Publications Division), with further edits by Pete Svarrior to improve contrast and readability.