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The two groups of girls in these images are CAIS females - please read below to find out and understand what the designation 'CAIS females' refers to!


group of CAIS females

Another group of Complete Androgen Insentitivity Syndrome females


Nature herself 'conducts' an extremely interesting 'experiment' via CAIS females. Nature's experiment provides for for a fascinating reflection/insight, in particular, for those who insist that naturally speaking, only the following two binary conditions exist as so-called 'natural' - with no deviation possible (and typically with masculinity and femininity being considered God/Creator/Source given qualities). The most significant implication of such a view (imo) is that there are two types of spirits, i.e. male spirits and female spirits - and that by default each type of spirit is always perfectly matched genetically, as follows:

  • Genetic/biological XY equals cis male (i.e. a genetic/biological male).
  • Genetic/biological XX equals cis female (i.e. a genetic/biological female).

[Please note that 'cis' means 'same as born', so in effect either a biological/genetic female (XX) or a biological/genetic male (XY).]

As already stated, the images embedded above (and below) are of CAIS females.

The remarkable thing, is that CAIS females are genetically/biologically XY (i.e. genetic/biological male). CAIS stands for Complete Androgen Insensitivity Syndrome - meaning that such CAIS females are insensitive to androgens (i.e. male hormones such as testosterone and DHT) and that such androgens therefore exert no effect upon their cells and development. Thus such individuals develop just as you can see in the images, despite them being genetically/biologically XY males  - and their CAIS status typically goes undetected and unnoticed until after well after the time when menstruation should have begun.

If you consider the matter, you may thus glimpse the extent to which CAIS females demonstrate just how deep the social construction of femaleness and femininity goes (however solely God given such a quality might appear at first). CAIS females are genetically and biologically male remember (i.e. XY) - yet they nor anyone around them tends to realize this until they are maybe 14/15/16 years of age. And by such time they have developed into full and complete ('cis') females (aside from not having ovaries and typically not having a full depth vagina). Aside from these two points, they are almost completely indistinguishable from genetic/biological XX cis females, physically, socially, emotionally, mentally, look-wise, etc.

Looking at the images above, aside from a couple of the girls, I wouldn't be able to tell they weren't cis females (i.e. biological/genetic XX females). Would you?

Yet you are looking at two groups of individuals who are genetically male (XY) - about which (most likely) no person, either themselves nor those around them nor their physicians, realized, until each CAIS female was approx 14/15/16 years - and sometimes as reported in studies, quite a few years later still.

So would you say the CAIS females are male or female - as you study their faces and attempt to discern the character and feelings/emotions contained within their psyches?

For ref, the process of transition for trans females, really aims to replicate the same process/dynamic which CAIS females go through - just the process typically starts at a later age for transsexual females.

The perfect and ideal scientific experiment, is one where only a single variable is different between the experiment and control group. And as a chance occurrence of nature, CAIS females come very close to providing such a controlled experiment - where the only variable which is different is XY versus XX. Yet even though as babies CAIS females were born as genetically male (albeit with what appears to be a 'normally developed' vagina), everyone from doctors to parents took them as genetically female - and so brought them up as such!

Actually depending on who/what is considered makes up the control group, Nature's experiment alters a different variable for each:

  • If it is considered that genetic/biological cis males(in society) make up the control group, then the effect of androgens only (upon development), is demonstrated (as both the experiment and control group are genetic XY).
  • Whereas if cis females(in society) make up the control group, then primarily the difference is XX versus XY genetics, given androgen levels typically remain very low for cis females (from conception onward), while CAIS females are insensitive to androgens.

Nature's almost near perfect experiment therefore enables us a rare glimpse into how deep the social construction of femininity runs. That is we can glimpse how much of what we commonly recognize and categorize as a female look, thoughts, feelings, behavior and actions are actually very influenced by 'nurture' (i.e. upbringing) - rather than 'nature' - in combination with minimal influence from testosterone as well, of course.

Also, in a tangential way, CAIS females afford us an insight into just how powerful and potent, androgen hormones are. In comparison, imo, estrogens can be considered a far more subtle and gentle/soft hormone - even though it's effects add up and accumulate over time.

[Linked with this is that in the typical course of things, after genetics, the influence of most consequence upon how male or female like (masculine or feminine) any particular individual physically develops, appears to be the extent which a developing fetus is exposed to testosterone whilst in the womb. And moreover, such exposure might be limited to just certain days of pregnancy (and most likely, days quite soon after conception).

Human sex hormones are extraordinarily potent substances, for example, testosterone is measured in nanograms (a nanogram being only one thousand-millionth of a gram). Genetic XX females (and trans females) tend to have serum testosterone (T) levels of less than 50 ng/dl (a dl/decilitre being one hundredth of a ml) whereas typical genetic male testosterone levels are in the range 270-1070 ng/dL with an average level of 679 ng/dL. Generally speaking estrogens, unless their levels are very high (or, high and sustained) exert little influence on human physiology when testosterone levels are in male range (hence the utilization of testosterone blockers by trans females at and past the time of puberty). However, estrogen levels are measured in even more minute amounts than testosterone. Estradiol (E2), the most potent human estrogen is measured in picograms per ml - a picogram being one trillionth of a gram. Estradiol levels vary across a genetic/cis female's menstrual cycle but average around 350 pg/ml. ]

Finishing on the point raised first above, as to whether there is such a thing as an inviolable God/Source given male spirit and female spirit - each of which can only 'enter' into XY and XX genetics respectively -- such doesn't seem supported by CAIS females (however some animals appear to provide support to such a notion more). My own speculative hypothesis is that at least to a significant degree, 'concepts' of human masculinity and femininity were primarily developed by the controllers many millennia ago - and that as part of their ultra-hypnotic (present late stage) practice of 'revelation of the method', they are currently 'unraveling'/collapsing their originally created (social) concepts/differentiation re human sex and gender. Hence I'm tempted to view the rise of interest in transgenderism and transsexualism as a result of the controllers 'revelation of their method' (i.e. their purposeful collapsing of 'things' they created aeons ago).

Re the three images of CAIS females shown in this post. All these images were obtained from reliable sources - so it is known they are genuine images. They were a located several years ago as part of a significant research project on CAIS females. Please click on each image if you wish to see a larger version.


Medical study image of a CAIS female in the nude