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The four short vids below provide the best speculations yet imo, of what the vax most likely consists of and is for -- which is 5G activated graphene oxide - being employed for various nefarious purposes.

The process speculated on (in the below two vids) is way simpler and more viable that any highly complex genetic engineering claim about viruses and supposed mRNA technology. Rather instead of 'mRNA technology', the suggestion is that the vax is a vehicle for introducing graphene oxide deep into the body, particularly cell's mitochondria. Then, once graphene oxide has been deeply embedded in the body, it can be later activated with 5G, thus leading to cellular mitochondrial damage. Cellular mitochondrial damage then causes all the symptoms of COVID illness because of the damage/impairment to the body's energy producing system.

Graphene oxide is potentially being sprayed in the air too as a component of chemtrails (and thus breathed in), but for some reason, the controllers (for their purposes) need it to be introduced deeper into the body by injection.

Presumably introducing graphene oxide into individual's bodies serves multiple purposes (in addition to causing cellular mitochondrial damage under the influence of electromagnetic radiation/5G), such as for example, creating a unique 'radar' signature for each person (i.e. for tracking purposes).

An important point by the speakers in the vids (from La Qinta Columna) is that the vax is a (straight forward) chemical agent - rather than some highly complex, previously unknown mRNA agent. Thus by extension, the whole so-called mRNA technology and 'gain of function'/Fauci claims, is just a 'Punch and Judy' show providing camouflage for a far simpler and more viable poisoning process. La Qinta Columna make the point that the controllers utilizing a biological 'live' agent (such as a virus), rather than a 'dead' chemical, would have been too hazardous for them, in that a live agent could have got away from them and their management of it.





[I feel skeptical about the claims of genetic science - in that which of us common folk can verify that such a science and it's claims are true? Has an image of DNA/RNA ever been taken so as to show its existence, or does 'proof' rely on measurements of secondary/related factors? Is it that us common folk are typically bowled over on hearing (supposedly incredibly intelligent) scientists, talk huge amounts of technically impossible to understand/verify details about genetic engineering and mRNA science? Even the existence of viruses can't be proved by imaging which is beyond dispute - as say a bacteria can be irrefutably proven to exist. Think of it as an Occam's razor dilemma - and consider which sounds/feels intuitively more viable and realistic: (a) the vax technology being based on an impossible for us common folk, to understand and/or see, science and brand new technology - or - straight forward injections of 5G activated graphene oxide, (particularly given that it does appear the vax does actually contain graphene oxide)?

Recall when the vax came out and those special freezers were initially needed to store the vax... It was stated that some brands of the vax had to be stored at close to minus 80-90 degrees centigrade to preserve the fantastical sci-fi ingredients... At the time, this seemed/felt intuitively incongruous to me - and the possibility arose in my mind if the freezers were just part of the set for the 'magicians' stagecraft?]

The three vids above were originally published here, here and here, and are clips from a longer presentation by La Qinta Columna. To note that La Qinta Columna were the first to claim/show the vax contains graphene oxide.


EXTRA: Speculation as to how COVID syndrome might spread in groups.



Transcript of above conversion:

El Mundo al Rojo: In this theory that you explain to us what role would the whole issue of contagions play, or how would it be explained? Because, obviously, there have been families in which many people have been infected. Some have had constipation, others with flu, others with... In short, what would be the explanation of one thing and the other?


Dr. Sevillano: Well, that's a very good question. The point is that... I'll try to be very quick, to be honest.


The first thing to consider is whether what we're seeing are really contagions of a coronavirus or... what are we seeing there?


So, there are cases of contagions, and there are sick people. It's also true that the disease is grouped in certain families and in certain groups such as nursing homes.


But we must take into account, as I said before, that this material is radio modulable. That is to say, you only have to have an antenna close by to start to become seriously ill. As I say, COVID type ill. We're not talking about colds or cases of flu every year. No. We're talking about COVID lung. In short, serious cases take you to the ICU and kill you. These types of cases, which are not many, do exist. And they do occur in groups.


But this is precisely the reason I'm telling you about it. Because there's a clustering phenomenon at the moment when an antenna radiates to the people and to the whole group that carries the material in its body. Such as the elderly in the residences, who were all vaccinated against the flu. And in the flu vaccine, we have found material.


And, in addition, you have to take into account one thing, and that is that this material radiates. That is, it multiplies by a thousand the signals it receives from the antennae. So, you're entering a range called TeraHertz, which is very close to ionizing radiation. So, a person exposed to this type of wave is multiplying the signals coming from the antenna and is getting sick simultaneously. And be careful because he could be irradiating and 'infecting' people around him. 'Infecting,' in quotation marks. That person is damaging the people around him without passing any microbes to them. And this is something that we have to study. We are working on it to prove it. Because it's not easy doing it with the means we have. (source)