the allegory of the cave platos republic

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Below is an image comparison of Joe Atwill and self-described 'Jewish comedian', Lewis Black

In the comparison image below, among other factors, note how perfectly the chin/jaw profiles match between the two characters. It's clearly the same individual and Lewis Black's 'overbaked' look is indicative of an actor based reality character seeking to disguise themselves better - even if the end result looks fake. Other factors which can clearly be seen as a match are: the angle of the slope of the forehead; profile of the nose both side and front; shape and size of the skull dome; size and position of face relative to the forehead; inner ear shape (outer ear looks to have been slightly modified using a prosthetic such as a clip); position and size of nasolabial lines; size of lip vermilion; identical distances from nose to mouth and mouth to chin; same width and height of face and head; same double-chin; both wear glasses; both have hooded eyes which remain horizontal at the corners.


joe atwill plays lewis black

Joe Atwill left, Lewis Black right - click to enlarge


With this 'revelation', it's likely many will feel disappointed and betrayed by Joe Atwill, as over so many years he's 'wormed' his way into many trusther's hearts. However it's now clear Atwill an agent, gatekeeper and infiltrator, with the purpose of occupying/diverting good people's attention away from core matters until it's too late.

Joe Atwill's book, Caesar's Messiah: The Roman Conspiracy to Invent Jesus makes the case that the Hebrews were the intended target (and victim of Christianity) in a plan by the Romans to subdue them. However as Christopher Bjerknes clearly documents, the complete reverse is true, and that Jesus should be understood as controlled opposition with the aim of leading all gentiles (and western civilization) to their destruction.

Such a profound and skillful (180 degree) misdirection about Christianity by Atwill is sure to be designed and intended/necessary - and so for me it's therefore questionable as to whether he even wrote the work. The true meaning and purpose of Jesus and Christianity is one of the world's most closely guarded secrets, with Bjerknes being the first and only known gentile to correctly decode the secrets in full. Atwill's work Caesar's Messiah should therefore be considered in this light, i.e. as a skillful attempt to promote the complete reverse of what is true and accurate.

To best promote the perspective stated in Caesar's Messiah, it follows that Atwill needed to gain trust by acting as a 'friend' and limited hang out operation. 

Joe Atwill promotes the concept of 'lifetime actor' which is near identical to dallasgoldbug's actor based reality concept, though particulalrly useful for how it illuminates an actor might play an ABR character for their whole lifetime. Given the same actor plays Joe Atwill and Lewis Black, it seems quite the act of chutzpah for Atwill to promote the concept of 'lifetime actor'! Whatever, it's certainly a useful and welcome concept, in addition to dallasgoldbug's ABR.

Lewis Black is a self-proclaimed 'Jewish comedian'.

Aside from a match being able to be made from visual comparison, Joe Atwill and Lewis Black both share a rather vulgar and uncouth habit - picking their ears on video/screen! Such behavior has even been complained about by others. Please see the images and related video time references below. [Note how Atwill when on video, now sits/slouches in a position where his right side ear is hidden (and so only half his face is visible. Presumbly this is to ensure such ear picking doesn't get so easily streamed!]] 


ear tell

Lewis Black top, Joe Atwill bottom two images - click to enlarge


Two vid references of Lewis Black picking his ears (videos set to begin playing at the relevant point):




 Video examples of Joe Atwill picking ears:



This is a clearer example but have to manually forward the vid to 5:15 mins. The description for the video here, includes the text, 'Joe was also known to eat his ear wax during the show...'.



Below, Joe Atwill as Lewis Black, propagandizing for a hasher gun safety bill in sketch:



For reference, video version of Caesar's Messiah: The Roman Conspiracy to Invent Jesus



Christopher Bjerknes' site/books can be found here and his video channel here. A post on Chrispher Bjerknes' work with some links to recommended discussions can be found here.