the allegory of the cave platos republic

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Note: You can find all the pages with 'actor based reality' info on them here - though please do see the heading of: 'Actor based reality note' at the very bottom of this page as it is some of the most current/relevant and thought provoking.

We most commonly think of a society being influenced by the media, in particular by politicians and other 'leaders' featured on it.

However imo, a far more important form of influence (and ultimately control) arises from an 'army' of those who are most likely, lower level secret society members who essentially operate in general society according to 'suggestions' rather than 'orders'. The principle being operated is the hundredth monkey effect:

The hundredth monkey effect is a hypothetical phenomenon in which a new behavior or idea is said to spread rapidly by unexplained means from one group to all related groups once a critical number of members of one group exhibit the new behavior or acknowledge the new idea.[1] (source)

In regard to any agenda being handed down from 'on high', these individuals (in spite of what they might think about things personally), will play along with things, in terms of their societal interactions with non-members (and even each other - aside from the knowing wink/sign of course). So if the 'leaders' of a society 'decree' that members of it should act in a certain way (i.e. adopt a certain behavior and/or attitude in respect of a certain thing), then these low level insiders will immediately start acting in this way - which then influences far more others (who are not insiders) to take the leader's 'decree' seriously and start acting in the 'required' manner.

This is a very insidious and deceptive but potent form of societal control. What is more, it is happening in 'harmony' with what the 'leaders' are directing and so it thus appears to the non-insider that others are taking notice of the leader (probably because they find it reasonable and appropriate or sufficiently intimidating) and adjusting their actions in line with it. The non-insider is now therefore subject to a significant psychological pressure as regards their relationship with the herd (as in, it seems/feels to them that they are 'out of step'). In terms of relieving such pressure, it can be easier for an individual to just submit and fall in line.

On one level it could be said that such a person made their own decision to fall in line (i.e. acted according to their own choice and will), and in a way this is correct. However, on the other hand, if such a person was aware of the insidious and deceptive techniques potentially being used against them - they might instead decide to approach the situation utilizing greater power of individual reasoning (and then back up the result of their reasoning process with their will).

The article comment threads on major media platforms are imo, massively infested with this sort of low level insider influencing. So many comments seem/feel 'transparent' in terms of lack of sincerity and/or the employment of childish insult (like unless directed to do so, who would waste their time writing such guff!). I would guess that each low level insider probably has tens of different accounts which they use to 'play' the occasional genuine/real commenter they come across. Probably with each account, they aim at creating some pseudo persona which they then trot out when the opportunity to deceive arises.