the allegory of the cave platos republic

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Ever since the wheels of the CV19 'pandemic' began turning, I have thought repeatedly of this sentence from (claimed) letter written by Albert Pike to Mazzini , dated August 15, 1871. [Note some background to this letter is contained in the embedded PDF below.]

From the section headed: The Third World War:

We shall unleash the Nihilists and the atheists, and we shall provoke a formidable social cataclysm which in all its horror will show clearly to the nations the effect
of absolute atheism, origin of savagery...

This sentence has felt so apt. It's as if the CV19 pandemic concept was designed to create a split between those who have a natural/intuitive sense of a creator - or at least believe in a higher power or God -- and those who don't have the experiences or the belief/faith. Generally speaking, the former group just naturally trust their 'God given' immune system to deal with an external viral or bacterial threat, and thus have little respect for claims by scientists that their 'offerings' are essential and indispensable for wellness and survival. Whereas in contrast, many in the the latter group consider the former group as deluded and addicted to childish 'magical thinking' - and that vaccination is one of the greatest gifts to mankind by science, and that further, individual's immune systems aren't up to the task of protecting populations from COVID.

And so the divide grows, 'never the twain shall meet'.

In the context of the above quote and the ongoing 'pandemic', the 'Nihilists and the atheists' refers to the scientists who don't see and/or acknowledge the perspective of those who have a natural/intuitive sense of a creator, who by and large consider a human's immune system (at least one who is in good health) is utter perfection in itself.

[Maybe under the onslaught of 'the Nihilists and the atheists', belief alone is often no longer sufficient - and that only those who genuinely experience a sense (feeling/intuitive and reasoned) can withstand the pressure without questioning themselves? Certainly it is notable how many of those who claimed faith in a higher power have been so easily and quickly assimilated into the pro-pandemic science side world view.]

For those who claim an experience if a sense of the divine, face masks are a profound insult, and interfere with the 'God given' right to breathe freely... As well, facemasks diminish the sense of human individuality and uniqueness -- while the concept of social distancing seems like a demonically inspired wheeze to diminish the sense of human community and 'brotherhood' (and thus also group resistance to government tyranny). However, in contrast, for the latter/science group - it's all about 'the science' and being responsible - and not being selfish - though to note, Rand termed such a 'selfless' perspective, irrational altruism (and in many ways, the antithesis of Reason).

It seems to me there is almost certainly a grand stage play going on, directed from behind the scenes. On the one side 'the Nihilists and the atheists' behave ever more outrageously and incredulously - while on the other side, God or Jesus (albeit by his new hip/project name Yeshua) seems to be being referenced or invoked more and more as the weeks go by. In previous years, Reason would have been sufficient, if not the striven for, lofty goal, for so many in the alt-media - but now, Reason is giving way to God, Yeshua or Allah. For me, this change feels more directed than spontaneous. More as if the ground is being laid for the installation of the New Christ, through which, the 'rich men of the earth' will rule the common peoples through a worldwide theocratic state. As in, men can't be trusted to rule any more, as they are too corruptible.

Presumably both sides of the split are going to be pushed to breaking point... Problem, reaction, solution...

I find it difficult to know what human society will look like in the future, in terms of its organizational structure and population numbers, however, God willing, when a new synthesis between opposing forces/dynamics happens, some of the earth's most terrible ongoing injustices will be put right. I would count the industrial caging of farm animals as one of the most pressing (along with the slaughter of an estimated three trillion animals a year, including fish)  - as well as the continuing rape and destruction of Nature, the forests, the seas, by weather manipulation, electromagnetic pollution, etc. I consider humans on mass need to ethically and spiritually evolve asap, if we are to survive as a species imo. I mean that surely, it can't be that impossible to build a human civilization which both treasures individual uniqueness and freedom, in conjunction with us acting with profound care and respect for Nature and the earth.

The most striking paragraphs of Pike's letter is reproduced below and it is without question, a remarkable document. The PDF embed also contains a few useful supporting notes. The file can be downloaded here if need be (right click, save target as).