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Welcome to the site!

colour square for googleThe 'human' designed and engineered matrix we exist within is a most astonishing creation. It has been created over many centuries, maybe even many millennia, to capture, contain and redirect our minds (actually our individual consciousnesses). This matrix which we exist within, 'shapes' and conditions almost every aspect of our lives, including our perceptions, cognition, conceptions - our internal modelling of reality, beliefs, feelings, etc - and in large part our desires, ambitions and actions. The mind programming this matrix 'installs' is so complete and 'deep' that it is nigh invisible to most persons living today - even when pointed out to them. As in, people are so totally immersed in it (together with never knowing any different) that they are unaware they live completely within such a matrix structure. As an analogy, it is similar to how a fish likely never has an insight that they exist entirely in a medium which we call water (and/or that such even exists), as opposed to some other medium  -- at least until they are taken out of water.

Yet even though most human minds/consciousnesses (at least western ones) have been captured/possessed almost completely, it is only fair (and reasonable) to acknowledge that the matrix also provides us with countless benefits. In many ways, it is what has made - and makes - living a western style life possible. The matrix is really the invisible structure which enables us to live a life apart from the often fierce and harsh conditions which surviving in nature entails. A life which otherwise might be 'nasty, brutish and short' as Thomas Hobbes characterized it in 1651.

The aim of this site is show you something really amazing and utterly incredible - and ultimately to have you grasp via a sudden and life-changing insight, how totally your mind has been captured and your consciousness possessed - at least if you haven't yet realized such a thing. Such an insight may happen quickly (like today), or it might take many years -- or who knows, maybe it might not happen at all. But imo you will most assuredly know it, if and when it happens. Imo however, you can trust that it will happen at the right time for you.

Most likelyjasmine pic the immediate process will actually consist of many smaller (but incredibly fascinating and revealing) insights/revelations taking place over a number of years - each one being extremely interesting and exciting to learn about. But then, at some future point in time (near or far), all the 'dots' will suddenly join up, and you will realize intuitively and instinctively that the smaller individual insights are all part of the larger matrix. I'm not certain a human can ever fully grasp the matrix in its entirety, given like a ginormous onion, it has layer after layer after layer - each one a huge new surprise and shock - albeit revelatory, fascinating and liberating. And even on each layer, there are a myriad of parts in so many different fields - all of which have been constructed in their reality, albeit they might look just like the real thing (i.e. reality itself).

It is almost certain you will find some of the things explained on this site to be absolutely ludicrous and maybe just plain wacko or nuts! This is fine and maybe in some ways, the best thing! It is only normal (and even healthy) for us to protect our personal understanding of the world (our ego, so to speak, using the word/concept in the correct way).

Please note that this website isn't about you taking on any new beliefs and/or becoming a mere repeater of the information contained herein. But whatever, I hope that something of the process of reasoning contained on this site will stay with you - maybe to be triggered/remembered in future years. Because ultimately it is the process of reasoning (which I feel also includes a level of intuition and feeling) which enables us to begin finding our way out of the exceptional maze which the matrix is. Reasoning note, not IQ - they are somewhat different qualities.

I feel the movie scene below is maybe the greatest ever in film history. Not that, for example, it is the most exciting or the most beautiful - but it is possibly the most profound as regards expressing in art, what the matrix is! Thus it is hopefully the most appropriate way we can start out such an exciting, thrilling and epic journey!!!

Note: In case the Youtube embed below is no longer published, then the clip can be viewed by downloaded (12 MB) from here (right click/save as).



Nota bene: Some notes about the other menu items/pages on the site. The 'Corvid-19 tracking' page is a sort of 'curated' log of significant c19/lockdown info and perspectives (and articles which are no longer so relevant are removed or sometimes archived). I decided to include CV19 in the overall exploration of the matrix, because of it being such an amazing opportunity to observe and comment realtime on the matrix's structure, particularly given the previously hidden networks of matrix power and control have needed to emerge from the shadows so as to pull off such an outrageous 'operation'. I'm not familiar with that many sayings from the bible but the following one nevertheless seems amazingly prescient:

For there is not any thing secret that shall not be made manifest, nor hidden, that shall not be known and come abroad. (Luke 8:17, Douay-Rheims Bible)

The 'Misc/News' page is for posts and articles which don't fit so neatly into the other main page categories. These include posts dealing with more minor insights into the matrix, compared to the 'Home/Articles' page posts, which are primarily my own content (or significant discussions about others perspectives and insights).

For reference, I am a transsexual female (post-SRS) and politically, maybe describable as center-left, i.e. a classic liberal/light-touch socialist. I primarily have an interest in concepts, ideas and observations which help give insight into the matrix structures - along with (I hope) a commitment to sound reasoning synthesized with feelings and intuition. By Reason and reasoning, as mentioned above, I mean the classic/Platonic type, which includes emotional IQ, feelings and intuition - rather than the much lesser form more widely expressed today - which is really only a form of cold/lifeless logical rationalism, and closer to IQ.

I am particularly interested in actor based reality (and actor based reality theory) as I consider the mechanism to be a pivotal aspect of how the highest level rulers and/or controllers manipulate our perceived and experienced reality. In a sense, one of the core 'principles' of hypnosis, is for the target subject to be completely surrounded and contained by and within a created and controlled pseudo-reality, wherein their every thought, feeling and impulse to action is actually suggested and/or directed by the created reality which 'encases' them. By default, an individual who at their core 'mistakes' such a pseudo-reality for the real thing - is profoundly separated from reality and existence proper, at least psychologically, emotionally and spiritually. In addition, the utilization of actor based reality (and actor based reality theory) enables the real rulers and controllers to both further 'distance' themselves from the common folk, as well as maintain control with a far smaller number of appointed and scripted puppets. Of course too, being able to script and thereby essentially control every utterance and policy of their puppets (contractually and thereby legally) means that again, the top level rulers and controllers can manipulate, direct and/or control the common folk at a safe distance - almost as if playing a deadly chess game from the comfortable safety of another 'world'.

I have learned a huge amount about actor based reality and theory from the amazing dallasgoldbug (aka Ed Chiarini) who I adore and respect in so many ways. Ed's work has brought profound insight to many, and the descriptive and conceptual term 'actor based reality' (ABR) is most definitely his. Joe Atwill's comparable term of 'lifetime actor' is also an excellent one too, as it captures another crucial element of the system and process used to capture our attention. I hope I do both Ed Chiarini (dallasgoldbug) and Joe Atwill justice, in my explanations and insights about actor based reality and lifetime actors, which I share with you on this site.

Turning to more existential matters, to clarify, I 'see'/sense there is 'a source' - i.e. some astonishingly vast unfathomable multidimensional 'intelligence' which underlies and/or is inextricably intertwined with existence/reality - though I do not adhere to any particular philosophy or religion (albeit I have a Buddhist/non-conflict type mindset as a result of sincerely (and devotedly) studying and practicing a more westernized type Buddhist philosophy for over a decade in former years. As well, I experience the Greek Myths as profoundly informing about life and human psychology and I have been fortunate to spend time during my younger years with justifiably the greatest psychologist and analyst/psychotherapist since Jung and Freud (aka the late James Hillman).

For me, on a philosophical level, Reason (as well as intuitive insight) is able to evidence the existence of the source (i.e. imo, it is neither reasonable nor logical nor rational to posit that existence and all the incredibleness which is a part of it (including its continuity from moment to moment), is a product of random/chance happenings, rather than as above, existence being an expression of some unfathomable, vast 'unifying' 'intelligent' energy/force). The source can of course be 'seen'/perceived and/or comprehended, most easily in Nature (Mother Nature with both her beauty, her tenderness, her ruthlessness and her brutality and cruelty) - however, nature is only one part/aspect of the source - and existence is far, far larger. Plus I 'see' the source as both beyond, and 'in' existence.

As regards politics in general, adding a bit to the above, I don't believe their is a definitive 'permanent' answer to the organization of human affairs, given the still fairly mediocre developmental/'spiritual' condition of the greater part of humankind at this time. Imo, the best which can manifest is a form of 'light-touch socialism', albeit such appears to be a relatively ephemeral and temporary state of affairs - and thus tends to devolve quite quickly into some other more ruthless state of affairs due to corruption, ambition and/or other powerful societal forces - and also the larger populace taking their 'eyes off the ball' as their conditions of living improve (i.e. not maintaining a close scrutiny on those in positions of power and/or making the effort to understand how banking and money functions, etc). In terms of Austrian economics type thinking being applied to a country and/or regional level, I suspect it is as much a pipe-dream and problem/conflict generator as much as any left-oriented dream is (albeit in different ways). In our times red and blue (right and left) are just part of the societal structures (belief and 'brainwashing' structures for many) used to control the common folk (i.e. as is said, they are just the two wings of the same 'eagle'). Further, I take it as a given that the pursuit and dream of ruling the earth as 'one' (by those who seek and/or wield great power) is as old as human history itself - and that presently we are at a key moment as regards the realization of this.

Some interesting places to start on the site:

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  • I should like to mention the 'best' post on the site imo is this one. I have not seen anyone else who has had the same experiences, also go through the math which supports the 100% indisputable evidence (though another individual did draw my attention to the great proof which parachuting and skydiving provide - albeit I can't recall their name sorry).
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If in the future you wish to access this site via a proxy server, then you can utilize this link/bookmark and/or put the site url into one of the other searx instances listed here.

Lastly the 'Film/Music page'. I hope you will maybe find something worthwhile to listen to, watch or read - and which is somehow 'in tune' with the main content of the site. Music particulalrly is an important part of my life.