the allegory of the cave platos republic

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I do feel this orchestral composition has some profoundly touching parts in it, though as a whole, imo, it is not quite a perfect piece of work. But still, for me, in its best sections, it captures something of what is being lost from this earth at present - which primarily imo are the rights of the common folk.

I was just putting a pasta dish in the oven, and needed to cover the top in aluminum foil. As I wrapped the sheet of shining, gleaming paper-thin metal around the pasta dish, I was reflecting on how truly incredible even such a 'common place' low cost item is (like have you ever come across any aluminum metal in the ground?), and how that maybe even a short time in the future, such a thing might well be a rare and total luxury in western countries.

The track is from the film, The Hunger Games.