the allegory of the cave platos republic

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In his July news letter, Arthur Firstenberg reports:

On June 29, 2021, Elon Musk spoke at the Mobile World Congress held in Barcelona, Spain. He said SpaceX presently has about 70,000 active beta testers of the Starlink satellites in 12 countries, and that full, global commercial service will begin in August. Beginning next month, anyone who purchases a user terminal for $500 and pays the $100 per month subscription fee will have access to high-speed internet by satellite from their home or vehicle anywhere in the world except the polar regions. More than half a million people have already put down a deposit.

, Musk revealed that the solar array for each satellite generates more than 3,000 watts of actual power. It is these solar arrays that are disturbing both visual and infrared astronomy worldwide. And it is the radiation of (so far) more than 5 megawatts of combined power, focused into (ultimately) millions of powerful beams, that is radically disturbing the electromagnetic environment that we live in, that we evolved in, that surrounds and nurtures us, and that generates the electricity that runs through our veins, guiding our growth, health and life...

It's generally assumed by most people concerned about telecommunications related electromagnetic radiation, that its source stems from ground based antennas. However for many months Firstenberg has been documenting that a massive new 'space based' (i.e. upper atmosphere helium balloon platform based) 5G/6G system is in the process of being built and activated. This system will literally be bathing [sic] the entire earth is electromagnetic radiation, providing internet connectivity from the most isolated and remote of places.

Is it a reasonable speculation to posit that the CV19 'pandemic' is linked with the switching-on of this massive system? However, the really big and decisive switch-on of the upper atmosphere 5G system appears to be coming this August 2021, and if so, would it make sense for those seeking to cover any mass scale illness which occurs from the activation of the system, to have created a 'lead up' to August with a simulated 'pandemic', both for reasons of obscurification, and mind programming. Presumably such a fake pandemic would be fairly easy to simulate via the chemtrailing of a substance moderately toxic to humans. As the body attempts to detox such a compound, it typically produces flu-like symptoms.

In addition, the chemtrailing of such a compound could move from country to country to give the impression of an illness which was spreading through populations.

Imo the PCR test most likely only picks up the presence of generalized DNA related substances, rather than a very specific DNA sequence. And I'm guessing that when the body is undergoing a detox, that such generalized DNA material tends to become more widespread in the bodies secretions (such as saliva).

Obviously, in terms of mind programming by hypnotic word/concept suggestion, the mere fact that a pandemic began and existed at least a full 18 months before the big switch-on of the upper atmosphere 5G system - means that the 5G system isn't responsible for the illness. Hence the rationale by the conspirators to lay the ground by first faking a pandemic via some means, maybe similar to described above.