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This post and associated vids (linked below) are absolutely worth 10 mins of your life-time - given the information's potential significance and value for CV. I suggest that you first begin by downloading/playing this video here (also linked below under the heading, video links), given how fascinating and useful it is -- and then read this post for more background info afterwards. Because this post contains quite a bit of technical information - it will be so much more meaningful after you have seen how valuable chlorine dioxide can be against various pathogens, even at extremely low doses.

Important note: MMS is chlorine dioxide - not chlorine dioxine - they are two different substances.

I was involved with oxidative therapies between approx 2002 and 2009 in terms of them being offered as a therapy to the general public, plus I organized  the first practitioner course for ozone therapy in the early 2000s in the country I was living in at the time. Therefore my knowledge is reasonably extensive as regards the subject of ozone therapy in particular and oxidative therapies in general. I originally read/saw the reports of these two studies, looking at chlorine dioxide's use in treating malaria, when they first appeared back in approx 2013. I knew then I was seeing something rare and very special. As mentioned, I feel I already had a framework and knowledge of oxidative therapies upon which to consider these two studies - in terms of appriasing their likely accuracy and genuineness.

The videos 'disappeared' out of sight for several years - along with the Red Cross attempting to distance themselves from the studies (despite as you will see in the vids, how well the studies were performed in terms of scientific method) - and the videos have only quite recently resurfaced.

However given the whole issue of CV, the videos now seem especially relevant - all the more so that the studies involved giving a one time, low dose of chlorine dioxide solution to each subject in the study. Also to note, each dose given, essentially had a value of maybe 1 cent in financial terms, given the chemicals required to make chlorine dioxide solution are easily obtainable for low cost.

For reference the chlorine dioxide at the strength utilized in the studies was made as follows: 25% sodium chlorite +  4% hydrochloric acid mixed at a 1:1 ratio. Note that 50% citric acid can also be used in place of the 4% hydrochloric acid. With the resulting solution, a certain number of drops is utilized (mixed in water) as mentioned in the videos. To note that sodium chlorite can typically be purchased on ebay.

Note that a more convenient storable 'mms solution'  can also be made (rather than mixing the two substances above as and when required). MMS/CDS (chlorine dioxide solution) also provides a slightly more 'palatable' way of taking mms and can be stored indefinitely under the correct conditions (cold and dark). The instructions of how to make chlorine dioxide solution at the correct concentration can be seen on this image - though note that 'Step 2' should more correctly read: 'Add 10 ml 25% sodium chlorite solution'.

We are used to hearing almost solely about antioxidants and how they protect our bodies against free radicals (which they certainly do). However the implied meaning which can stem from the attention given to antioxidants,  is that their opposite - ' oxidants' are 'bad' and/or 'harmful'. However this is not the case and specific oxidants applied in precisely the right therapeutic manner can be extremely beneficial via a couple of mechanisms. This is aside from the general point that our bodies generate energy via the oxidation ('burning') of carbohydrates and fats.

The two potential benefits of such oxidative compounds applied in a precise therapeutic manner are:

  • The direct killing of certain bacteria, yeasts, viruses via oxidative damage to their overall integrity and viability (certain types of white blood cell use this mechanism as one of their strategies anyway but here is meant to reference say, how a vaginal douche of between 0.024-0.036% H2O2 could be useful for clearing any vaginal bacterial/yeast issues a female maybe dealing with, etc).  
  • The stimulation of an person's immune system in a very potent manner and in a way which causes it to act more powerfully against bacteria, yeasts, viruses, parasites causing the body problems. It's not fully understand why this happens at a biochemical level, though there is much evidence that an appropriate therapeutically applied oxidative shock begins a series of 'dominos falling' (biochemically) which results in an upregulation of a person's immune system (though not in a manner which might lead to autoimmunity issues note).


Video links

You can find the two video reports covering the whole study on this page here (one of the videos has extra comments added before and after, which are worth hearing, but the other version makes for the better report about the study, imo).

Note that chlorine dioxide solution was named MMS by Jim Humble. Humble is a very vibrant and charismatic character/individual who has attracted a significant amount of controversy and scorn over the years - especially because of how he bypassed medical legislation by creating a 'church' around the sacrament of MMS. I consider Humble has provided humankind with a gift of enormous value - and that was before CV has come to the forefront.  For sure, MMS has attracted all manner of other questionable characters over the years and probably a many more claims about it have been made than are warranted. However, aside from H2O2, taken appropriately chlorine dioxide solution is by far the simplest and lowest cost oxidative therapy available (particularly given it can be mixed with dimethyl sulphoxides (DMSO) for transdermal application/penetration too.

Btw, you will note that Trump has been blasted for recommending/promoting (and taking the first himself, himself) hydroxychloroquine (HCQ), UV light therapy and 'swallowing bleach' - as treatments for CV. I see this as a means by which tptb have kept to their (seemingly required) undertaking of clearly stating (via the somewhat ludicrous scripted character of Trump) what the 'antidotes' to CV are - albethey disclosed and subject to mockery by the mainstream press - unfortunately. There is bountiful evidence available from doctors actually utilizing HCQ for CV, that if it is given early on with CV onset, together with zinc and azithromycin (or alternatively doxycycline) that it is extremely effective (with HCQ needing to be taken for only approx 2-3 days). However in contrast, most of the studies recently undertaken and published have dismissed HCQ as a useful treatment for CV - though these studies have typically been looking at late stage patients (often on ventilators) and also without zinc and/or an antibiotic being prescribed with the HCQ. You can find an interesting discussion about HCQ including by many actually utilizing it here. Turning to Trump's mention of UV therapy - yes for sure blood irradiation with UV light (or similarly purifying blood with ozone gas) are both fantastic therapies though generally only available to the very wealthy. And lastly, Trump's mention of swallowing bleach - this is almost surely a reference to MMS (as above). Humble's church has actually been nicknamed 'The Church of Bleach', meant in a derogatory way, albeit somewhat amusing imo.

Note that Humble hosts a couple of interesting pages. This first one on the history of chlorine dioxide (here) and the second page here, gives a bit of background to how Humble discovered MMS. I believe Humble is we into his 90s now.