the allegory of the cave platos republic

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After spending years looking at footage and considering the events of 9/11 - plus having worked my way through various hypotheses, this is what I consider the day's significant most likely essentially consisted of:

  • The first 'plane' which hit the north tower was al drone (most likely) or cruise missile.
  • The second plane which we saw 'live' on TV was CGI, i.e. a pre-produced CGI 'snippet' was inserted realtime into the TV feeds.
  • The towers were demolished, but of great significance, almost certainly the towers were essentially 'hollow' inside (as per Dover's insight, see pic and video below). The towers were most likely demolished using thermite explosives, pre-positioned - howeverthere is the possibility some new beam energy weapon was utilized. The towers fell like they did (and into such a small pile of rubble, and very differently to the convention type demolition-fall which building 7 underwent) precisely because they were 'hollow' structures with no floors (as in they were most likely for electricity generation purposes from 'atmospheric ether'). The falling of the towers which we saw live on TV might also have been CGI?
  • The 'attack' on the Pentagon was via a drone or cruise missile.
  • It is most unlikely any people were killed in the 'attack' aside from maybe accidentally (and this includes firemen too, given there were no likely no more than a couple of floors to the buildings).
  • Most of those close by who were interviewed on the day were scripted actors, placed in strategic locations (and again, this included the firemen).

9/11 is so important because it enables one to glimpse the ability of the matrix controllers to pull off such 'magic tricks' and fool most of the world's population. Also it provides insight into how such operations purposefully create multiple levels of understanding so as to 'catch' and re-contain/trap individuals if they manage to break through each layer of understanding (similar to what is described about the Titanic operation here). Of course 9/11 was also of such significance because it provided the 'doorway' into the Middle East wars as well as the US Patriot Acts, which have removed so many freedoms from the US population along with the rise of the national security surveilance state in so many western countries.



A very interesting report about a visit to the restaurant in one of the towers: