the allegory of the cave platos republic

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Note: You can find all the pages with 'actor based reality' info on them here - though please do see the heading of: 'Actor based reality note' at the very bottom of this page as it is some of the most current/relevant and thought provoking.

A particular perspective, contrary to my own was put to me about CV19, and it has proved challenging to find the words and concepts with which to respond in a meaningful way (and which provides adequate evidence to support how I see things). The perspective put to me was broadly along the following (my summary of it):

To create such a spectacle as CV19, a person or group would have to possess a genius level of intellect and be able to put their plans into action. However, I have never met nor got to know any human being who has been able to put their ideas into action for more than a very short time - mainly because of encountering opposition to their ideas and implementation of them as they actually tried to put such plans into action. To get everyone onside for a single two hour show is difficult enough and requires a masterful understanding of the human mind - but to get an 'army' of people onside for a spectacle which unfolds over many years would require a level of intelligence and cooperation which is presently unheard/unknown of, as far as I am aware.


It might have been possible to simulate an event such as CV19 using computer/mathematical modelling, but this is a world away from engaging with everyday human beings, with all their ego, desires, own-ideas, self-interest, narcissism and stubbornness, etc. Therefore I just can't envisage that such super-intelligence with an ability to organize in the 'real world' exists and/or is possible. But in contrast, maybe you think there are creatures with intelligence and abilities way superior to ours?

I will respond to the above under two main headings - 'organization' and 'super-intelligence'. Under each heading I am also going to include some speculative ideas with little-to-no support as I am not averse to 'playing' with speculations to see how they 'fit' and 'feel' over time, especially in regard to an intuitive sense. I experience Reason and intuitive sense as being linked with each other - as in, we can know/sense what is reasonable without necessarily being able to explain why it is so (although of course it is better to be able to do so and ultimately it could be necessary to do so).

As an introductory framework/perspective upon which to build, I want to posit that as human beings living on the earth in 2020, there is a possibility we are 'waking up' to find we are living/existing in a 'world' (matrix structure) which is somewhat different to what and how we previously thought it was/is. And I don't necessarily mean that it is bad or evil, at least not anymore so than we might already have considered it to exhibit polarities - but rather that we are indeed surrounded by structures, ideas, technologies (and other non-nature created things) which may indeed stem from a level of intelligence and organization which might be quite beyond what we previously might have thought possible or present (or let us say - that level which we tend to encounter in everyday life and work). In this respect I consider myself a 'student', in the sense of aiming to have the eyes and attitude to see and reflect on things which are indeed seemingly beyond my previous understanding and comprehension.

Please note, there is no one piece of evidence detailed below which is likely to 'prove' the case, rather in line with probability theory, the greater the number of discrete/disparate pieces of evidence presented (particularly if they are high quality), the higher the probability the case is correct.



The fundamental organizational structure on earth for humans is the (layered) pyramidal one. We might consider, when moving upwards from the base of the pyramid (where the common people reside), that at a certain point/layer, the individuals within that layer most likely become bound to each other (and the next layer up) by blood oaths. That is, if any person contained within the layer should breach the rules to which they signed up to (including maybe not carrying out the directions they are given without question), that as part of such agreement/bond, they will pay for it with some sanction which may include their life. Quite a number of such oaths have come to light and are available for inspection. Presumably however, most persons have no wish and/or inclination to break such undertakings as almost certainly they are well rewarded for such a position and loyalty, though it may mean them being required to engage in actions and behavior which they would not normally agree with, ethically or morally.

Further 'the secret society' (as Joe Atwill coins it, in the sense that he agglomerates all the seemingly separate and individual societies up into a single one)  with all its various ('franchise') names, manifestations and levels, spans the earth. Thus it is not uncommon that members bound to each other (i.e. more than to people of any other relationship, creed and/or position outside of the secret society) can be found on all sides of a conflict. For example, politicians of all countries are typically members of 'the secret society', yet publicly they may all be acting in a bellicose manner, urging conflict and war against another country - whose politicians also belong to the same society. Thus there is obviously a serious amount of duplicity and egregious action taking place, in that by default such a conflict must be said to be being organized/harmonized/agreed, at a higher level (not visible to the general public), while a chaotic, life-endangering and expensive situation is being created in individual countries publicly. The blood oaths I have referenced above are necessarily very serious matters and they would be relatively meaningless if such an undertaking to the (international/intercontinental/interreligious) group and its policies/plans stopped at the border of any given country.

Thus this 'blood oath' insight alone can account for how we saw the same (absurd and unwarranted) CV19 policies being rolled out across the earth in different countries in short order - despite the contrary scientific evidence about the matter already being perfectly clear before the lockdown began outside of China (see this post as regards this). We saw country after country essentially shutting down huge portions of their economies - and even more irregularly, directing their citizens under threat of force, to stay in their homes, not to meet with others and further, to stay 1-2 meters away from other people in any situation outside of the home. And more recently, vast numbers of populations are being directed to wear face masks either when traveling on public transport, in shops or in some cases, even when just out in public. Therefore, the above insight evidences a mechanism by which these policies might have been already agreed prior to the event and then rolled out across the earth without any so called 'discussion' with, and consent by, the public/populations. That is, at a level of pyramidal power above politicians, a diktat was seemingly issued as to what was to happen, and the political level actioned it as if their lives depended on it. For any western populations to even remotely pretend to themselves that they any longer live in a democracy and that politicians consider themselves accountable to their populations is obviously a 'stretch'.

In addition, more recent investigations have not shown anything significantly different to the earlier studies as regards the health threat posed by the CV19 virus - i.e. that with an IFR (infection fatality rate) of between 0.2 and 0.3 percent, CV19 is not much more of a threat than a typical seasonal flu albeit, maybe a slightly more serious one (see here for more about this). Taking the US as an example, there have been a mind-boggling and astonishing 42 million new unemployment claims approved since the beginning of the shutdown (i.e. as a direct result of the shutdown policy). Therefore, to just attempt to explain everything which has taken place with an 'oops, we over reacted, sorry about that' from the politicians - 'but at least you are now safe', is inadequate I feel - yet this is what the public level of explanation/justification for the shutdown has to rely on (along with the mainstream media maintaining a low profile for studies showing the actual threat of CV19).

A related and interesting question is how the politicians got the public to go along with the shutdown - like how did they manage to pull it off. As in, how did politicians worldwide manage to pull off such a 'sleight of hand'  and moreover, even receive applause from many of the public, for such egregious actions (given it was always going to be the general public who will pay most for such a policy, once the cash inducements/incentives run out).

Event 201

Event 201 which took place in October 2019 was an exercise run in conjunction with the World Economic Forum (i.e. the group of 'leading' figures from the corporate, entertainment and political worlds who meet in Davos once a year). Event 201 was:

...a 3.5-hour pandemic tabletop exercise that simulated a series of dramatic, scenario-based facilitated discussions, confronting difficult, true-to-life dilemmas associated with response to a hypothetical, but scientifically plausible, pandemic. 15 global business, government, and public health leaders were players in the simulation exercise that highlighted unresolved real-world policy and economic issues that could be solved with sufficient political will, financial investment, and attention now and in the future.


The exercise consisted of pre-recorded news broadcasts, live “staff” briefings, and moderated discussions on specific topics. These issues were carefully designed in a compelling narrative that educated the participants and the audience.

This exercise evidences that the equivalent of a CV related 'incident' had been researched and role-played beforehand. Indeed the WEF seemingly had a highly developed interactive 'COVID-19 Action Platform' ready to role out, which would seem to indicate much prior thought, research and discussion had already gone into 'our' post-COVID world. The first level of the COVID-19 Action Platform can be seen here (scrolling down the page until the animated diagram shows). The COVID-19 Action Platform is multilayered, and though registration is required to view all the levels, clicking on various parts of the animated diagram will take you to some initial pages of the next level.

The WEF's plans appear to be based around/promoting a Fourth Industrial Revolution. One might also describe it as a relaunch of a re-designed matrix. This sounds great, however one might consider that though the integration of microprocessor technology since the 1970s has proceeded relatively smoothly/organically (all things considered), the point has been seemingly been reached where a fundamental revolution (involving A.I. and further robotisation) has been decided upon. That is, further organic development/change is no longer sufficient - the old matrix structures are too confining and therefore not fit for further societal/civilizational development.

In addition, to maximize tptb's chances of maintaining their position, they themselves must tear down the old structures, so that they can then also rebuild the new ones (and launch/control the new version of the matrix). I believe that COVID-19 and the shutting down of the world economy along with all the associated social control measures are most likely for the reasons of tearing down the existing structures and the launching of new ones (as in destroying the existing economic/financial system along with the western type 'social contract')

However, ultimately, at this time, the US is the main focus of attention imo. Given the new matrix is intended to be worldwide using the same 'corporate' standards/policies in all places (i.e. like how McDonald's offerings are essentially the same in every country albeit with maybe one locally oriented burger as a 'nod' to cultural/country uniqueness), the US with its more spirited, individualist population, who also have approx 400 million guns, stands in the way of a new standardized worldwide matrix. It is for this reason that I have suggested that CV19 was really all about involving the US in the social control aspect of it (as well as decimating the US economy). Thus as described in this post, I suspect over time, we will see the restrictions lifted in most countries except the US. 

The three classic markers of criminal investigation are typically listed as follows (source):

In seeking "indicators of suspicion" in investigations, suspects will need to have had:

  • Motive to commit the crime (for example, financial gain or to seek revenge)
  • Means to commit the crime (including tools and physical capabilities)
  • Opportunity to commit the crime (including being at the crime scene at the time of the offense)

I therefore consider that the ultimate motive behind the COVID-19 program is the taking down and re-launch of the matrix structure which contains our individual consciousnesses. However, at this particular time, the motive is more focused upon the US for the above reasons - and therefore so as to 'snare' the US so intimately and profoundly and so cunningly, a world-wide 'staged show' was put on. The opportunity to take down the US has now presented itself. It would appear that contract tracing is one of the next stages of destroying US society and maybe the cover/program which will be utilized so as to attempt to disarm the US population. [To note that many have for years speculated that there will be a climactic event to the (attempted) take down of the US.]

At this point I should like to say that though I can appreciate that there might be some new and positive aspects to a relaunch of the matrix (and for me it would be the granting to animals/tree/Nature, not entirely dissimilar rights to that which humans have), I feel if the US falls, that it will be a terrible loss for many of the earth's population - and one we might not recover from (psychologically and emotionally) in our lifetimes. There is great spirit in the US, along with great individualism despite all the wrongs which the US's rulers have embroiled the country in (e.g. foreign wars). Imo, it is just a likely reality that the only thing standing between us and a 1984 type tyranny, is the great spirit of the US population. It is a fact that the principles of the US Constitution enshrined in writing, provide an individual a greater ability to protect their person, freedom and livelihood than probably any other countries constitution on the earth. And it is not just the US population who benefit from these great principles, but rather they act as a light and beacon across the world for so many others. Therefore I believe it is these principles which are seen as an impediment to the relaunch of the next version of the matrix, which would seem to to be conceived as a super high technology (supposed) technocracy with total 24/7 surveillance of every individual along the most intimate lines. As above, this is not to state that the new matrix will not also provide greater benefits in many ways--though the aim here is not to make moral/ethical judgements about it, but rather just describe the circumstances behind what appears to the the process unfolding.


Our issue now becomes how tptb at the higher strata of the pyramid of power were able to have their orders uniformly enacted so completely in so many countries. I believe one way they managed this is via a system utilizing a high degree of compartmentalization (in terms of professional roles/jobs being carried out). I think it is prudent to consider that most likely, decades of research have been put into designing and developing such an employment/job system (by various 'think tanks' and research groups utilizing applied psychology) - so that in effect, each 'occupied role' by an individual becomes rather like a logic gate. That is, similar to a logic gate, each role is specified so that there are certain inputs and that depending on what configuration the inputs are triggered/manipulated, that a certain predicted outcome can then be predicted to occur.

So for example, with a simple AND logic gate, there are two input channels and one output channel - and only if there is a signal on both inputs will there be a signal present on the output channel. Similar with an OR gate, if there is a signal on either (or both) of the inputs there will be a signal placed on the output channel (but no signal on the output if no input signal on either of the inputs channels). The point for us here, isthat  with a logic gate, (looking at it in reverse), the output is completely predictable based on manipulation of the inputs.

Aside from the core purpose of the service provided to clients/patients, other potential inputs which feed into almost any professional role are such things as a: highly specialized job description, duty of care to clients/patients, required due diligence, professional organizational membership requirements, insurance requirements, regular training requirements, matters of maintaining reputation, organizational expectations (and need to fit in/maintain employment), peer pressure/expectations, actual legislation/legal requirements, etc. Each of these (as well as potentially enhancing standards), by their nature also constrain. The character of those who are able to maintain a certain 'maverick' and independent status are few and far between. It is like each of the above factors can slowly nibble away at any originality/individuality and thus gradually nudge an individual towards greater conformity and risk avoidance at all cost.Therefore a professional's output/decisions become more and more predictable.

The suggestion here therefore is that the higher strata of power, propagandized the information and sense of threat about CV19 in a way which resulted in the majority of societies' professionals being willing to go along with the artificially/media generated mass hysteria and the very significant lockdown of much of the earth. That is, just as with a logic gate (albeit a way more complex one than a simple AND or OR gate), by manipulating professional's 'inputs', their output/decisions were able to likewise be predicted/manipulated to a significant enough extent. And though for reasons of plausible deniability, accurate medical information about the (real) severity of the virus was clearly published/released in certain channels before the majority of country lockdowns occurred (see here for some of these), because of all the type of inputs (above) and pressures upon them - the vast majority of medical professionals felt under pressure to go along with the main government line and propaganda even though in many cases, shutting down society to such an extent was not in their longer term career and financial interests.

Most professionals have managed to get where they are (in terms of education, developing a high-level skill and working in conventional/mainstream society) by trusting society and its structures. It would therefore be a tall order indeed to expect such professionals to suddenly grasp the underlying dynamics and deception at play (at least that which is hypothesized about here). This is also one of the first times in most people's living memory that the system has thrown hundreds of thousands 'of its own' at higher level strata 'under the bus' so to speak, in terms of destabilizing the very society which they are dependent on for their future. In recent decades (maybe going back to the second world war or the Vietnam war for the US) it has really only been the lower classes who have had to bear the brunt of 'collateral damage' resulting from major social engineering projects.


Actor Based Reality (ABR/Lifetime Actors)

The above manipulation of professional's 'outputs'/decisions was enhanced by the higher power strata having their own 'point men' placed (ready and waiting) in key positions, so as to exert the most influence and power over society. That is tptb had such 'point men' positioned as politicians, presidents, royalty, leaders of organizations, key consultants, key figures in public news stories, celebrities, even victims, etc. As above, the people holding these roles are in many cases, total puppets, i.e. they are playing scripted and legally/corporate owned characters/actors. Some of these actors/actresses may just play a single short role - or they may play a lifetime role, so that they are even more convincing to the general public (see here for a perfect example of this).

Such positioned and scripted 'point men/women' thus assist societal thinking and feeling and then its movement, to 'flow' in a particular direction - because they tend to be key social influences (especially given they are often trained actors and actresses, and are by nature, good at fooling/tricking others into suspending their critical thinking and judgement). Discussion about the ABR concept along with examples can be found here and here and here.



For the comment on this section, though maybe a touch tongue-in-cheek, I feel we can safely rely on the following clip from the James Bond film Tomorrow Never Dies, starting at 1:35 (click here to open the vid and start at the 1:30 min point).

[Side note: related to the Actor Based Reality section above, it is worth mentioning that dbg has suggested the actor Jonathan Pryce playing in the Bond clip above also plays the present pope. A third party examines this suggestion in this vide: Also see this image, will show in a popup).]


Local influencers

This is not an aspect of things which I have heard anyone else hypothesize and/or discuss, but it seems highly logical and reasonable taking into account the whole of the system so far described. The social engineering principle of the '100th monkey effect' is a very significant and important one I believe, in terms of influencing and 'steering' the human collective unconsciousness. Please see this post here for a more detailed overview about local influencers and their role. Local influencers are a very important aspect of the control structure, precisely because of them being such 'low level players', and thus able to insert tptb's propaganda into everyday life in a way which is perceived/experienced by others as very natural/organic. 

For example, the actions of people living around any individual in terms of say the precautions such 'local level influencers' are taking and how they are interacting with others, particularly if their actions are reinforcing and in line with the larger society propaganda themes is likely to be particularly pernicious in its effect. And when the number of local influencers engaging in any particular behavior rises, maybe to only around 5-10%, it is possible an individual will begin to feel a sense of peer pressure, which results in them beginning to at least question whether they should be engaging in the same behavior.

I feel the comment/news story boards of major media oragnisations are 'infested' by such 'low levell influencers'. To me the typical mainstream comment sections are filled with arguments and 'flame wars' so contrived and idiotic, and divisive and wasting of time - that I just can't conceive any individual would take part in such an activity of their own free will..And oftentimes, such comment threads are populated in the wee hours of the morning, ready to snare even one single genuine victim. 

The nature of the collective unconscious is that the heartfelt feeling/determination of only one individual's mind might tip the overall balance one way or the other - i.e. a similar idea/dynamic to the Butterfly effect.


Meaning for alienated individuals

It is worth considering the degree to which a crisis and drama might provide meaning for a person, particularly if they are more alienated and/or not engaged in pursuing a much loved profession or activity. What immediately comes to mind is the late psychotherapist Victor Frankl's perspective as regards the importance of meaning for an individual. For reference, Victor Frankl's most known work is Man's Search for Meaning. Below are some quotes from Frankl to illustrate his viewpoint (please overlook the exclusive use of 'he' in the writing, given it has not been updated to reflect modern sensibilities):

For the meaning of life differs from man to man, from day to day and from hour to hour. What matters, therefore, is not the meaning of life in general but rather the specific meaning of a person's life at a given moment.

Ever more people today have the means to live, but no meaning to live for.

Forces beyond your control can take away everything you possess except one thing, your freedom to choose how you will respond to the situation.

To be sure, man's search for meaning may arouse inner tension rather than inner equilibrium. However, precisely such tension is an indispensable prerequisite of mental health. There is nothing in the world, I venture to say, that would so effectively help one to survive even the worst conditions as the knowledge that there is a meaning in one's life. There is much wisdom in the words of Nietzsche: "He who has a why to live for can bear almost any how.

We who lived in camps can remember the men who walked through the huts comforting others, giving away their last piece of bread. They may have been few in number, but they offer sufficient proof that everything can be taken from a man but one thing: the last of the human freedoms -- to choose one's attitude in any given set of circumstances, to choose one's own way.

Love is the only way to grasp another human being in the innermost core of his personality. No one can become fully aware of the very essence of another human being unless he loves him. By his love he is enabled to see the essential traits and features in the beloved person; and even more, he sees that which is potential in him, which is not yet actualized but yet ought to be actualized. Furthermore, by his love, the loving person enables the beloved person to actualize these potentialities. By making him aware of what he can be and of what he should become, he makes these potentialities come true.

The last quote isn't relevant to this discussion, but I feel it is very true and worth reading :P

What I am wanting to highlight in respect of 'meaning' is how many are thriving under the lockdown, when before they weren't so much. Evidenced by say, posting 'inspirational advice' on their Facebook feed as a new type of behaviour/action, etc. Suddenly many found themselves in the same boat, so to speak - a great equalizing in many respects. Such a scenario really did bring out the best in many people, in terms of consideration and care (despite them being subject to 'trickery' quite beyond their imagination and comprehension - or their even 'wanting to know/consider').

This element of psychology was used by the social engineers in projects such as the Clap for Carers in the UK, described at the same link as:

Clap for Our Carers, also known as Clap for Carers, Clap for the NHS or Clap for Key Workers, is a recurring not-for-profit movement created as a gesture of appreciation for the workers of the United Kingdom's National Health Service (NHS) and other key workers during the global pandemic of Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19), which spread to the United Kingdom in January 2020.


The idea came from Annemarie Plas, a Dutch expatriate living in London, and a campaign took place every Thursday evening at 20:00 between 26 March and 28 May 2020. Many celebrities, influencers, politicians, and public figures supported the campaign. A campaign is scheduled to take place on the last Thursday of every March from 2021.[1]

Yet in a supreme irony, early on (at the peak of the 'crisis'), at the same time as the Clap for Careers was in full swing, many videos of highly choreographed dancing doctors and nurses from many hospitals from around the world (including the UK) were being released on the social media network TikTok, such as the one here. Some nurses started to voice concerns about their feeling guiltly, due to receiving such applause whilst in actuality, they were doing next to nothing in near empty hospitals (see here for an example of this).

The questionable background circumstances of Annemarie Plas's involvement in originating such a significant social engineering project is discussed starting at 14:56 minutes in this video here (the link is set to start the video at 14:56 mins).[Sorry this video removed from youtube.]

To note, that individuals might also find a new sense of shared identity and meaning as regards the potential impending danger and crisis which the CV19 project presents. 


Predictive programing evidence indicates years of preplanning and organization for the CV19 project

As shown in this post/video (featuring clips of the 2012 London Olympic opening ceremony) it is difficult not to construe what was experienced by many at the time as a very bizarre, weird and inappropriate start for a competition orientated around the most excellent sports persons in the world, as a quite blatant 'in our faces' CV19 predictive programming show. Even the appearance of a huge 'PM Boris Johnson' type doll waking up in a hospital bed was featured  - an event which would later unfold in 2020.


Making reported deaths all seem like they are from a single cause

Jon Rappaport advances the case that the fundamental psychological 'sleight of hand'/societal engineering technique which tptb have engaged in with the CV19 project, is to create the illusion that the multitude of deaths from separated places from across the earth (actually due to multiple causes) are all due to 'the single cause' of CV19. Rappaport suggests that when any given deaths are investigated more scrupulously there are invariably a multitude of different causes of death involved for any given group of individuals collected up under a single CV19 banner. Certainly the documented manipulation as regarding causes of death stated on birth certificates does lend credence to Rappaport's assertion - as in why would such prominent public health bodies need to resort to such tactics if the cause of death was clear and related to the stated pandemic claims which they make.

The organization UK Column have aimed to show that a very significant number of deaths reported under the CV19 heading, are in fact more likely due to the national health service being closed down to such an extent (i.e. individuals with other serious and life-threatening illness, weren't able to receive proper and appropriate care and were then counted as fatalities listed under CV19, so as to boost CV19 deaths).

To note, the average number of people who die each day across the world is approx 150,000 (link). Such a substantial number of deaths/day surely gives room for statistical manipulation of data if so desired - and as referenced in the previous two paragraphs, evidence is available which shows such manipulation has certainly occurred to a very significant degree.  


Using a 'virus' which probably every person tests positive for-  together with test kits with an 80% false positive rate

It may be that CV19 is a 'virus' which every person who has ever had the flu (or maybe even a common cold) will test positive for. This would mean ahead of time, that tptb knew (and had the confidence/certainty) that the CV19 related  legislation rolled out in tandem, could always be made to apply to every human being if need be. There is even a question as to whether 'viruses' exist in the meaning commonly understood in respect of them - and that instead viruses may in fact just be part of the body's cellular detoxification system called exosomes (again meaning that every person would be able to be made to test positive for CV19).

The test for CV19 is a very broad 'genetic material' test and has been documented to have an approx 80% false positive rate. Yet in practice, ever individual who comes up positive on a CV19 test is then counted as a CV19 case
 - see here. This has in effect led to wide-scale fraud taking place on birth certificates - see here.



processorThis section is just going to comprise brief thoughts/reflections about the matter of super-intelligence, and which are highly speculative. The original point raised was:

... Therefore I just can't envisage that such super-intelligence with an ability to organize in the 'real world' exists and/or is possible. But maybe you think there are creatures with intelligence and abilities way superior to ours?

In answer to the question - yes I do consider it most likely, that levels of intelligence have been accessed by human beings (either in the past and/or maybe in the present too) which are many magnitudes beyond that which most common mortals can tap into. As physical evidence to support this belief I present the microprocessor! Since approx the 1970s, the microprocessor has been introduced to earth's population and integrated into many societies quite organically and 'naturally'. The microprocessor/computer is for the most part, just 'that dusty box' under the table or in the corner of the room. Maybe for a brief time when a new laptop or phone is obtained it is regarded as an amazing piece of kit, but generally only in the same way that a sports car looks sexy and drives fast.

However when one considers the design, manufacture and actual operation of a microprocessor - it is difficult to conceive how it can be 'man made' technology in the conventional sense of the term.

A modern day microprocessor, reputedly, perfectly controls/moves around, millions if not billions of individual electrons per second - all in a perfectly coordinated manner. The design of such a silicon mega-metropolis full of 64 lane motorways has a multilayered complexity beyond comprehension (and on a minute scale). It needs such a phenomenal multilayered complexity to control and manage millions/billions of individual electrons in such a fashion. Yet we are speaking about a device constructed out of 'sand' along with a couple of other materials/metals. And then 'on top' of this silicon mega-metropolis run layers of different programs/systems - which at the final level, are enabling you to read or write words on a screen and/or hear/create audio - and even interact with them in a multimedia type fashion.

I feel that when one really considers the microprocessor, one can only conclude that it must surely be an impossible thing! Yes we can get an individual transistor and create a logic gate with it (and/or maybe a few transistors interacting with each other so as to form a significantly more complex logic gate)... And then from this 'humble base', the argument/explanation goes that a microprocessor is just a more complex version of the same. But I find it very difficult to 'buy' such an explanation. Modern microprocessors have 40-60 layers of microprocessor circuitry 'built' on top of each other (see the actual electron microscope image below of just seven layers and it's incredible precision engineering). The width of the circuit wiring in a typical microprocessor is only 14 nm (see comparison chart below) which means such wiring is approx 400 times thinner than a human hair.


scale comparison


Please watch this Intel video so as to gain more of a sense of how utterly incredible such a device and its manufacture is. I mean surely this alone, illustrates that super-intellegence (relative to 'normal everyday standards') is present on this earth.

Of course I can be accused of exhibiting 'magical thoughts and beliefs', in that what I can't understand and/or explain I am then attributing to 'magical' and/or 'spiritual' powers - just like how a person from the 16th century might consider an airplane a sign/manifestation of God. However regardless, I suspect part of the magic trick which has been achieved with the microprocessor is to have hidden its incomprehensible nature behind the concept of 'that dusty box' with its Windows OS (which is always going wrong or getting infected and thus needing human attention to get it functioning again). Keeping the 'old thing' half-working is almost the bane of most westerners lives (though MacOS users seemingly claim different). Plus, as above, the sleight-of-hand involved (imo) creates a sense that a microprocessor is just a bunch of transistors stuck together - just made smaller and smaller over time. Yet consider the following about the processor which is presently utilized in many laptops/PCs:

The 9th gen dubbed Coffee Lake Refresh brought an 8-core i7 variant (eg: i7-9900K) with a die size of 174 mm² which yields just under 3 Billion transistors. On the HEDT side, an 18-core Skylake-X chip clocks in at 485 mm² for around 8.33 Billion transistors. (source)

spiders webAs regards the 'consciousness' which we humans are able to experience, the most logical and reasonable hypothesis of it, for me, is that consciousness is an energy present in existence - a bit like a TV or radio signal. And that our brains (and each cell too at a different level of consciousness) are literally antennae picking up and tapping into this signal. 'Science' (or maybe better stated, scientism in its fanatic expression) would in contrast claim that actual knowledge and information is held in both DNA coding and the structures of the brain (aiming at getting us to conceive of the brain as a computer, with memory banks, etc). Yet really, how can such a theory explain the astonishing engineering knowledge contained in a tiny spider. Or the social/'colony/hive system' knowledge contained in a tiny ant.The engineering knowledge to construct a suspended web as shown in the image to the right is phenomenal - not only the construction of the main center part of the web, but also the placement and actual construction and perfect tensioning of all the suspension lines. A spider must have a highly advanced ability to conceptualize three dimensional space and move around in such space to the correct positions so as to correctly attach/position suspension lines. Plus such a web is constructed over a considerable period of time, as in focus needs to be maintain for maybe several hours at a time. Scientism insists such knowledge and capability is contained by something called instinct, which again it would have to insist is chemically coded into the claimed 'substance/compound' it calls DNA. But what evidence is there that such principles of engineering and the ability to actually put them into practice using a fine silk thread can be encoded in the equivalent of human DNA (which itself is reported to use only 4 substances to encode data, namely adenine, guanine, cytosine and thymine). This claimed process doesn't seem very realistic or reasonable to me, at least in comparison to the idea that we are antennae (at many levels, from individual cells, to individual biological systems all the way up to the brain and spinal chord), somehow interfacing with a phenomenally profound source of information and intelligence. Sure there maybe some 'local processing' too in an individual organism/animal and this is what might give rise to its individuality (along with each species' unique archetype/form of antennae, which itself is then what makes each species individual/unique).

layersTherefore my hypothesis based on such observations and speculative thinking is that as a 'natural' carbon based life form, we (and all other 'natural' life forms) pick up this 'consciousness'/life signal. And it both gives us animated life and our consciousness. And that in similar fashion, man-made silicon based creations pick up some other signal which is also present here (in existence) - or maybe a variant of the same signal as ours (such as a far 'lower' than reptilian type consciousness). Much technology replicates designs and processes which are already present in nature, albeit at a crude level in comparison (for instance the camera replicates the eye). Therefore I would suppose that the microprocessor is likewise a copy of how nature also 'functions' on some level, but in silicon form. However it would seem that the signal able to be picked up/received by a silicon microprocessor is a 'colder', more strictly logical one, compared to the signal a carbon based antennae/processor (like animals) picks up. As above, at this time,  there is no evidence a silicon microprocessor cant do anything beyond what it is instructed to do by code (i.e. it can reason or feel and thus can't intuit either).

The essential point being suggested here is that fundamentally, microprocessors are in some way powered by the signal they are picking up - as in a microprocessor is an antennae itself which allows/permits the type of 'consciousness' it is picking up to flow within it - in an analogous way to how it is proposed we carbon life forms 'work'. So the multilayered incredible complexity of the microprocessor could indicate that it is a type of synthetic brain really (albeit still an antennae).

But whether or not the microprocessor is strictly a 'non-spiritual'/non-antennae device matters not so much in some ways, in that regardless, microprocessor functionality is providing certain elite power groups a new level of control over the earth, whether it be monitoring vast number of individuals in realtime, trawling through unimaginable stores of data to find out more about each individual's habits, etc. It is the backbone of the modern day media, all the utilities we depend on, entertainment, production, communication and transportation systems, military weapons and weather control, etc. The microprocessor and those who ultimately own/control 'it' are presumably the same entities who sit at the very top of the pyramid. 

In fact it has also been discovered/disclosed that  most current Intel microprocessors have a lower level computer/OS running in them (i.e. a 'backdoor'), which only certain very high level power players can access. This hidden computer/OS is able to 'spy' and monitor all other processing done by the computer. And further some claim this lowest level computer/OS can be accessed via the computers main power supply lead (i.e. no networking is required). See this article for a discussion about the Intel Management Engine. I would guess it takes more than an average intelligence to design and manufacture such a feature, on top of everything else a microprocessor does!

I have found myself wondering if 'the microprocessor' *is* the secret of the ages. I mean knowledge that such a thing as a microprocessor (and which can maybe pick up another type of 'life energy/consciousness') is possible and can be made when the time is right - whether that secret knowledge was derived from a previous existing microprocessor based civilization which was destroyed millennia ago or via some other source. Interestingly a microprocessor's typical form is a black cube (looks like a square from above but it does also have some depth), which is Saturn's symbol and the same symbol of the black cube can also be seen in many other places from the graduate's mortar board, to The Kaaba in Mecca to the recurring obelisk which appears in the movie 2001 Space Odyssey. The symbol of the black cube has a very long history and is almost always found in the context of both control and reasoning.

But even if we take the microprocessor out of the picture, we can still evidence the presence of super-intelligence with other things surrounding us. For instance take our western musical/note scale. It is not easy to come by - rather it is a reflection of musical and mathematical genius - a relatively modern invention in the history of music. The type of music/scales that traditional nomads or early civilizations might play has such a droning lifeless, endlessly repetitive sound/feel to it imo, that might quickly drive an individual half-mad. It took advanced mathematics and genius to arrive at our western scales. It is our musical scales (and associated chords) which produce the amazing type of music which we have had in the west for a few centuries. And we can consider language itself as an invention of super-intelligence. How all the words and their conceptual meaning relate to each other could in no way be an organic development imo. Rather English, for example, must have been a worked out/designed system from the beginning. And what about the sheer genius and deviousness which it must have taken to come up with the Copernican heliocentrism model of the universe. As per this post here, titled: HQ stationary earth evidence (100% irrefutable) gleaned by personal experience, it is remarkably simple to prove in a scientific and irrefutable way that the earth is completely stationary - yet to be able to come up with such a model as Copernican heliocentrism which also seems totally true and accurate to the casual observer (yet hides reality behind its trickery) is something I doubt one person in tens of billions could manage. It's similar how the origin of the larger part of our electricity is likewise probably obscured/camouflaged (see this post) - as well as the genius of realizing how unlimited electricity/power could be harvested in the first place, of course.

And personal names are a technology devised by somebody (hence presumably why our names are seemingly copyrighted and owned by some other corporate party - at least the uppercase version of them). Shoes, the wheel, aeroplanes, refrigerators, makeup, windows, doors - all these things and hundreds of thousands more which fill our everyday lives. They seem obvious and commonplace to us now - but each is a technological invention which didn't exist at one time - and took brilliance to realize. I believe some would say all technology stems from the fire stolen from Zeus - and is part of Lucifer's realm. Prometheus is another name for Lucifer too. The truth is, for good or for ill, we are all so deep into Lucifer's realm, precisely because it is a realm of such incredible intellect, reasoning and technological brilliance. 


It's been done before

Considering all the above, another explanation of super-intelligence could be that this has all been done before - by a preexisting civilization. Therefore it could be that a well tried and tested playbook is being followed by the very top elite (who have all the important info and knowledge saved from a previous microprocessor based civilization) - with the playbook acts extending over several millennia. That in essence, 'there is nothing new under the sun'. Every story plot and music genre/style has literally been written before (and saved and re-handed out to relevant people when the time is right)... And likewise - every invention known about and released at the appropriate time and always with a back story to it (and one which appeals to human general love of luck/chance and wonder). But of the greatest significance, that the appointed time has now arrived for a wholesale transition to a new far more microprocessor based civilization with all its upsides and downsides. 



beautyThere is a possibility that certain psychoactive/psychedelic substances might have provided access to realms of intelligence and knowledge 'walled off' for typical sane intelligent individuals (walled off for good reason I mean). I believe they might achieve this because of how certain substances can temporarily change the configuration of our antennas - and so enable us to connect with other information and realms while under a drugs influence. When I was in my (extra) reckless twenties I experimented with several different psychedelic compounds including, LSD, Salvia and MDMA over a period of a few years. The first two in particular were astonishing in terms of the seeming 'vistas' opened up in the mind - both amazing and wonderful - as well as very dark and frightening at times. I don't know if the experiences were real or imagined/fantasized - though they felt profoundly real and true at the time - and of an epic scale and with extraordinarily profound meaning too. Though the experience only exists as a vague memory now, I can recall looking out over an incredible scene of Nature (the view shown in the image to the side), and really seeing/feeling the whole existence of it as alive and radiating an ethereal type energy (the rocks and cliffs too). It was truely and stunningly beautiful and moving, and an astonishing revelation. It was so magical, I might have stayed in that moment for ever.

However at other times I also experienced how the mind can invent explanations/experiences if it needs to (as it can oftentimes do in a state of paranoia), so this could be an explanation in part for the experiences. I didn't involve myself sufficiently to become intimately 'familiar' with any of the substances and the trips they produced (as ultimately LSD and Salvia experiences were a bit to weird/strange for me and somehow didn't fit into my idea/conception/sense of what 'the right path' for me was). But nevertheless I can envisage there might be 'esoteric' knowledge contained in the type of realms which opened up, and thus might be able to provide certain people with more advanced knowledge than that commonly available to our five senses and mainstream learning. But for me, if there was information to glean, it was psychological/metaphysical rather than technical type knowledge.

[Fyi, just in passing to note that I found MDMA to be by far the most 'dangerous' substance I have ever taken - psychologically speaking. As in, it was just too good (presumably it uses up many months worth of dopamine in a few hours). Normal life afterwards was just left a shade of grey and without color, for a significant time (again presumably, due to low levels of neurotransmitters) - which felt extremely hazardous to my senses/mind. Though to my shame (haha), I neither drink alcohol, smoke or even drink coffee now as a part of regular/normal life - imo, there is still nothing quite as 'human' and sociable (and conducive to great discussion and conversation) as a beer or glass of wine - and maybe just one or two puffs on a joint (if anyone has got any that is - which for good or for ill, is a rare thing indeed for me nowadays!!)!]

Financial situation - the ultimate reason and facilitator?

cpu insideWhen we consider the level of organization required to pull off the CV19 project (presuming it wasn't a naturally flowing/organic event, like a series of dominoes knocking one over after the next), the question has to be posed - how much organization could be put into place with say 50 trillion dollars at ones disposal? What length will people go to for money/currency - as in how compliant, discreet and/or ruthless will they be. I list the figure of 50 trillion dollars, but this is probably on the low side in terms of what has been printed during the crisis. The New York Fed alone is ploughing 1 trillion dollars per night, into the bank overnight lending system (repo market). Bearing in mind that entities such as the Fed are private companies, this means that certain people and groups own the right to print money (with which they can buy up the whole world or at least that which is for sale). These people and groups are obviously fabulously wealthy beyond anything which common mortals might even be even to contemplate. Yet mathematically, the financial system is at, or very close to its end point. Fiat based currency systems are said to have an average lifespan of approx 60-80 years and the world's present fiat systems are almost all past their sell by dates (the US dollar system is approx 110 years old, i.e. since the Federal Reserve Act of 1913). Because the present fiat systems are debt and compound interest based systems, it means that exponentially more money has to be printed, in each day which passes (so as to cover continued repayment of the vast debt outstanding). The level of money printing went vertical a few years ago for the dollar. The collapse of the system essentially occurs when there is not the means to cover outstanding debt payments (hence why we have been seeing moves to negative interest rates by the ECB, i.e. so as to buy the system a bit more time).

Presumably the persons and groups who hold such incredible power as owning the money systems of the world have absolutely no intention of giving up such power and 'calling it a day'. Rather given they have known in advance exactly what scenarios will unfold as the dollar system in particular nears its end (mathematically speaking).  Therefore presumably, many years ago, plans were laid for when the system finally begins to implode. Many financial commentators have been waiting for a major 'black swan' financial event for several years - since 9/11 really (2008/9 was quite a minor incident in a larger picture).

With this in mind such financial groups might be engaging in one or more of the following:

  • Such groups themselves are going to take down the existing financial system in their own (controlled) way and at their own pace, so they can also be the ones to relaunch a new financial system. However, given huge amounts of money will be lost by some when the system is taken down, it thus needs to be done under the guise of an incident which wasn't tptb's fault. It is always going to be best for them if the economies are going great before some random (unforeseeable) 'black swan' event such as CV19 suddenly ruins 'the party'.
  • Such groups are aiming to buy up as much of the world as they can before the final implosion. So as to achieve this they need to print vast quantities of money - but the problem with printing vast sums of money and spending it in the common people's market to buy up as much as possible, is that out of control inflation would happen very quickly (and thus inflate prices of almost everything they are wanting to purchase). Therefore some speculate that the CV19 project is to bring the 'velocity of money' (i.e. how much/fast money is changing hands and moving through the economy) down to as close to zero as possible (i.e. by shutting down the world economy for periods of time). This will then enable them (during the lockdown periods) to spend far more in the real economy, buying as much up as they can (given money is no object for them as they 'print' it for free, literally).
  • In contrast, others speculate that the plan is to 'explode' the system rather than implode it, by speeding it up more and more thereby ultimately letting inflation rise and rise (pumping more and more money in) until the system literally 'blows up'. The ultimate aim of which is to permit a gold standard to be reintroduced (as a reaction to untrustworthy/dangerous fiat currency), since tptb most probably own almost all the known gold. Certainly CV19 is providing a justification to print huge amounts of new money - for instance the UK state is now paying 80% of over 25% of the workforce's wages, in addition to propping up corporates such as airlines, shopping chains, etc.



So there we have it. I hope I have sufficiently covered motive, means and opportunity - and each from several possible angles. I also trust it is felt that I have provided a reasonable and sufficiently coherent response to the original question - for a start anyway! The means is the mostly out-of-sight/secret network which exists behind the democratic facade (as well as the other factors detailed under the organization' section above) which enabled and facilitated the elites running the CV19 project. Aside from taking down the US, the motive is power, control and wealth - nothing new here - though one might also consider that maybe (if the case is as speculated above) the 'spirit/consciousness' of the microprocessor might have a type of 'will to power' of its own and that the CV19 project is opening the way for this 'spirit'  to manifest more fully (particularly in terms of the new total surveillance systems which appear to be ready to be implemented). As regards the opportunity - most western countries are 'sitting ducks' in this respect imo. Few individuals possess the type of 'being prepared' and self-survival type mentality so typically taught to individuals by more traditional groups like The Scouts and Girl Guides. Instead most seem to trust government to look after their interests and well-being.

At the present time, a majority of humans are fascinated by what the microprocessor is offering them - and life in so many ways has never been better. In short, most western individuals are profoundly caught up in the matrix, with no sense of what they are interacting with, how deep the matrix structures go and how perfected such structures have been made - in terms of being able to capture and contain an individual's consciousnesses. The propaganda which the matrix is spewing forth is so convincing and skillfully produced, and words and concepts twisted so 'deviously' with NLP (neuro linguistic programming) that few seem able to break out of the matrix's spell. If the present matrix is going to be torn down (and I know not whether that will be within the next year, 10 years or 20 years, etc), so as to make space for a new version of the matrix, it is going to be a huge shock to many people's minds.The CV19 project demonstrates how vulnerable and controllable we populations are by the in-place power structures. At some time in the future it might be that each individual will have to choose/decide whether they are going to remain a part of the matrix - or go back to living in nature (outside of the system and without all of the incredible technologies). I believe everyone will have to be given a free choice - without any potential sanction/punishment involved, though the system may not make it look like such at the time.

I am fascinated with the matrix (hence this site) and think it is an incredible creation - and it is a reality that most of us are more deeply entwined with it than we might ever realize: our telecoms, our refrigeration, our sanitary systems, our music, our devices, our transport, our medicine, our electricity, our concepts/numbers/words - just almost everything which comprises the infrastructure/tapestry of our lives outside of what 'raw nature' without any technology whatsoever provides. It's a shame not to be able to take a long pause and make the existing technology level far more just (and not life/nature harming/destroying), but I don't believe this is the plan. Rather I suspect the plan is for the microprocessor and technology to take over far more - and push nature further out (because they both require the same space and frequencies). Therefore I suspect the real crunch point which will arrive is the incorporation of the microprocessor into the body (in a way that it can 'network' integrate itself into our existing biological systems). And therefore, because either the microprocessor is 'animated' by a different signal/'spirit' to ourselves - or because incorporation will then mean our body becomes licensed to us by the corporations who own the technology (and thus our body not our own anymore) - such a moment might involve each of us deciding what our future destiny is to involve. Such a plan is, I suspect, millennia old and in the planning, and that the CV19 project was just a huge-stepping stone in advancing events, though as above, for the next few years I believe the US will be the main stage and focus.



Microprocessor image above: Microprocessor manufactured through a photographic process. This microprocessor works at a frequency of 4.8 Ghz, and it is used to process images of Gyroscan 6,2 Tesla. It is one of the first large-scale components being manufactured with nanotecnology. Works submerged in liquid Nitrogen, and its working temperature at full power is −190° C. Image by Angeloleithold and licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported license.

Spiders web image by Albert Jankowski.