the allegory of the cave platos republic

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Such an incredible song, made even more astonishing by Alyona, with her truly angelic voice!!!!

What a climax!!!! Truly out of the world - imo!!! Like it will never manage to find an ending - with such passion.

Such physical beauty Alyona expresses too :)

I hope you enjoy as much as I am :D

I don't care what is said about Michael Jackson - I don't believe it. He was obviously an absolute musical genius - and a pure childlike spirit too. The whole abuse thing is a psyop imo, to try and soil such qualities of spirit and character.



This other cover of Michael Bolton's soaring, How Am I Supposed to Live Without You is so touching too:



Please check out Alyona's channel here, she has done so many wonderful covers.

Oh, have to include this Carpenter's cover too!!! I love several of the Carpenter's songs. Alyona really gives these golden oldies new life!



 And this one!!! Duran's amazing Ordinary World. Always feel it is one of Duran's best tracks and Alyona does it perfectly :D



Oh my word - and this one, Alyona's cover of Phil Collins almost sublime In The Air Tonight.



So I was reading Alyona's writeup and apparently she does everything in terms of playing, singing and producing the track.